Monday, June 1, 2009



I had such fun hosting the Rainbow Block Swap that I decided to have another!!


This swap will be a little more time consuming, so you will have a little longer to work on your blocks.
I think it would be a GREAT idea to print out the details.

1. There will be twelve people in each group.

2. You will make 24 blocks.

3. UNFINISHED size 12 ½

4. 12 blocks will be a simple nine patch using TWO Halloween colors, please use the same two Halloween fabrics for these 12 blocks. You may used solid or prints as long as they are the same two fabrics. They should be cut at 4 1/2 inches.

5. The other 12 blocks will be themed blocks.
B. Halloween colors up to you and each block can use different fabrics.
C. You will need to pick a theme.
D. You will think of a theme.
E. I have chosen “wonky house”
F. So I will make 12 wonky houses unfinished size 12 ½ using any fabrics I wish, they will not all be the same.
G. Only one theme per group.
H. Use any technique you want, some ideas; pieced, paper piece, appliqué, embroidery, fusing, whatever makes you comfortable.
I. Some ideas; pumpkins, cats, bats, ghost, withes hat, owls, spooky trees, stars, spider webs, candy, Halloween Words, Frankie! Mummy!! The list could go on and on.
J. SIGN your THEMED blocks on the FRONT any way you would like, I will have to write because I do not have a machine that can embroider.
St, Charles, IL
That’s, all you need to do any more is fine and up to you.

6. I am trying to stay away from traditional blocks, I want this to be an “out of your box” swap.

7. If you did not get into the group you wanted, I HIGHLY encourage you to go and visit that persons blog and see if they want to do a one on one exchange with you for blocks. That will be up to you and the other person.

8. Blocks are DUE not mailed by but DUE September 1st, you will have all summer to work on your blocks, enjoy the weather and still go on vacation!

9. US residents can send there blocks to me any way they want but they MUST go back to you in your self address stamped Flat Rate Priority Envelope, it is 4.95, my poor postal workers had a heart attack when I came in from the last swap with all different types of envelopes and postage. They will know what a Flat Rate Priority Envelope is, so no worries.
International participants, we can talk about shipping later.

By the time, you receive all your blocks there will be 12 themed blocks and 12 nine-patch blocks. This is enough to make a nice size throw or wall-hanging.

In order to join YOU MUST EMAIL me ; do not comment on this post, you WILL NOT be entered.

Please email the following:
Your full name
Blog link
And your Halloween theme (MUST be included) This is a first come first serve basis on the theme, so do not wait to long!! Saying I want to join will not enter you, I must have a theme. Please look to the side-bar to see what is available. I am starting with three groups, if there is enough interest I will open another group.

Please do not misunderstand this, I love getting all the goodies in the mail, but with the way the economy is and the cost of postage, please there is absolutely no need to send me a thing. If you feel that you really want to do something, I would love one of your blocks. The joy I get from going to the mailbox and opening the packages and seeing the blocks is more than enough for me.

I know this is a lot of information; I am always here to answer any questions.
I look forward to another wonderful swap!

So Grab the button from my side-bar and link it back here and let the fun begin!!



  1. Hi Jane,

    I just love adding buttons to my blog! This is going to be fun! Thanks once again.

  2. Jane, this sounds like so much fun, but I'll sit back and watch! I love to see what others come up with, but I'm not enough into quilting to do it myself.

    I'm just waiting to find the right size box, then I can mail your package!


  3. hey Jane.

    This looks sooo exciting, will you advertise who is in each group and what they are making??

  4. Hey Jane, Did you get my emails?

  5. Hi Jane,
    I will post my two blocks tomorrow...this is alot of fun and can't wait for the end results. I only worry that mine will not be good enough.

  6. I'm very excited about the swap. Thanks for doing it.

  7. Just a little comment about whether folks are "good enough". Sho & I almost named our blog "Good Enuf Quilts". We feel that the process and the love put into our handwork is what counts. We learn as we go and certainly the quilts are looking better all the time...but our first projects were no more loved and lovely than our latest....

  8. Jane what a great swap! I am going to be gone the whole summer and cannot join you this time. I hope there will be another swap after the Halloween swap to join...I know I am pushing your buttons over here. Have fun and I will be visiting your blog to see all the wonderful blocks.

  9. Have lots of fun doing this swap!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. Hi I have been trying to email you about joining but I ckick on email but it goes no where. If you could email me at I will get back to you.

  11. Never mind it finally came up I now have your email address. Compurters and I don't see eye to eye

  12. Jane,

    I just found your blog and think the idea of a Sppoktacular swap is awesome!! I am a NUT about halloween. Please let me know when you will be doing another one.

  13. uh Oh, betsy just told me I used too many colors in my 9 patches. I read "two fabrics" ooops. I guess I'll be back peddaling. Glad to know now. I must really have 50 year old woman ADD.

  14. I can't wait to see how the quilt turns out what a fun idea!!! I am new to quilting so I am a spectator for now:)

  15. HI Jane I didsend an email about joining. Did not get a reply back I was accepted. I do not have blog, is that why can"t be in the exchange?

  16. Jane I love your blog page and music I want to add you to my blog page. May I have your permission to do so and how do I do that?


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