Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the Summer Time When the Weather is Hot………

Oh, how I love those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, Days of Summer...

Filled, with children home from school.
Sounds of children playing outside.
Softball games with your family.
No schedule to follow!
Stay up late!!
Sleep in!!
Go to the pool!!
Go on vacation!!
Just hang out!!

I know here in Illinois we have a heat advisory out, I am very sorry for people who do not do well in the heat; really, I do feel for them.
For me…
This is the BEST time of year.

What!!! Little T…
You want everyone to see you in your new swim trunks for your first swim in the pool, well, OK, I guess Grandma does not mind sharing you!!!

Oh, quilting, yes, I have done some of that too!!
I just loved doing Aunt Pitty Pat’s disappearing 9 patch, so much in fact; that she let me join twice. Here is my second set of blocks.

My daughter caught two babies in the yard one morning, how beautiful!! That is the edge of our deck!

Off to watch softball!!!
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Oh i just wanna squeeze him!

    You got pictures of him in the pool right????? RIGHT GRANDMA JANE??????????

    Oh I hope so!

    Thanks again for being my bloggy buddy! i heart you!

  2. He is so cute..
    I love summer the best too!
    It has been so cold here, enjoy your warm weather.

  3. oh heavens! that little t is a cutie! you look good in your swim trunks, big boy! i just want to smushy kiss your squishy little cheeks!...oh, nice blocks, too, grandma jane!...☺☺☺

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics! The little deer is wonderful, but little boys are THE best! Little T is growing so beautifully, you lucky girl!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. What lovely wee babies... first swims are so fun! Hope it goes well - and what a cute fawn. Don't see that in Oz (only baby roos) - and love the old-time music!
    Hugs - Shari

  6. Adorable baby pictures -- human and deer!
    And I agree -- the hot weather is the absolute best!!!

  7. Little T is growing so fast! And so is your quilt. :-)

    It is amazing that your daughter got such a good picture of that beautiful fawn.

  8. I think your little guys hat is just too cute on him. Isn't being a grandma the best?
    Happy Summer Days.

  9. He's growing up so fast! My gosh look at him. He's so cute. We found out yesterday for sure Whitney is having a girl. I'm pretty happy for her, that is what she wanted.

  10. Little T looks so dapper in his new swimming attire! Can't wait to take my 5 month old to the pool this summer. He is just now getting to where he'll slash in the bathtub so I know he'll love a much bigger pool. Have a great summer. Jenn

  11. He looks all ready to cool off. He sure is growing.
    I had a fawn in my backyard yesterday with it's mom.

  12. Little T's a cutie pie alright! Be sure and rub lots of sunscreen on that cute little tummy!

  13. Oh, that little T is sooo cute!!! Love the hat!

  14. Hi Jane, catching up here - little T is getting sooo big and so adorable! Like you it can get as hot as it wants outside - I love it! Ahhhh summer!

  15. what a darling baby...
    Those deer ar cute too but do they eat your flowers??!!


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