Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Fun Swap...

I love swaps!!
Just in case, you did not know!!
I have been wanted to do the pattern the disappearing 9 patch for quite a while.
Guess What?
I found a swap.
Simple, easy and fun, please come and join me, I would love to have some of your prints in my quilt.
Just click the picture and join.
You could get these done in one sitting and end up with a quilt filled with color.
Well, at least take a peek will ya!!


  1. Well Jane, if you insist! Just what I was NOT looking for, but it looks like too much fun to pass up, so I signed up! I've never done a block swap before. Now I have an excuse to look at buying a few of those gorgeous charm packs that are out there!

    Thanks....I think!


  2. Jane, I truly over the past several months have considered you to be an wonderful friend...I have enjoyed your comments and love your blog but.....why??? Why??? do you do this to me? Okay, so you make a nine patch square and cut it down the middle both ways...am I correct? So about 10 nine block squares will do the trick? If I am correct, I will do this....I can not believe that I am saying this...someone come and kick me....I will wait for your response and if what I am thinking is right, I will go over and sign up.....friend....hummmmm indeed.

  3. I am thinking I am going to have to pass on this one. Of course, I may change my mind, depending on much I get done this weekend.

  4. You temptress!! I can't I simply can't!

    I'll just watch you participate with my big puppy dog eyes!

  5. Jane, thank you for the link to the swap. I'm so excited, I joined & looking forward to all the block I get back.
    Rebecca P


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