Monday, June 8, 2009

PIF Pink Heaven......

I am in PIF Heaven; I just received my PIF goodies from Mary Grace from Hooked on Needles. Oh my goodness, I really do not know where to start. Mary Grace really took the time to get to know me. All the goodies were wrapped in pink tissue.

She knew I liked cherries, so MJ sent a cherry card with a note in pink ink!! Also ribbon, a lot of ribbon! I love ribbon, and I have none of the ones she sent. Darling Notes cards!

Oh yes pink, did I mention two of her famous face clothes in pink. I had no idea how big they were!! I love them, but will I use them? You bet I will! The yarn MJ used is so soft and the perfect pink.

BUT, wait, that is not all, look at the purse she made!!! Wonderful, soft, beautiful, cotton candy pink, with… get this… beads in the purse. I have no idea how she did that.

It is also lined with pink fabric and there is a pocket. I adore this purse!!

I am so very lucky to have had Mary Grace as my PIF Friend. Thank you does not see to be enough for all this goodness, but I am so very grateful and so very happy. Thank you Mary Grace from the bottom of my heart!!!


  1. Hey Jane you got super lucky.
    I stopped by to say thanks for your order over at my etsy shop. Did you need anything specific? Just wanted to check before I bagged up your goodies.


  2. What great pink goodies!!! Congrats!

  3. How fun for you!!!!! Lots of wonderful goodies....

  4. Great stuff Jane! You deserve it all!! What a talented lady she is!!

  5. Jane, it really was my pleasure to make all that PINK for you! I'm so glad you like everything. While I was working on that bag during my family visit to Kansas, a few of my nieces were not shy about telling me how nice they thought it would look in THEIR favorite color too!


  6. I love the pinkness! My favourite colour too! What a wonderful PIF!

  7. Love all those pink goodies. That bag is so cool.

  8. You must be swooning at all that pink wonderfulness! Lucky you!

  9. I popped over from MG's blog to see all your goodies! What wonderful goodies they are!
    Enjoy! 8-)

  10. I follow Mary Grace's blog, Hooked On Needles, and I must say, she can work wonders with her needlework projects. You were definitely fortunate to have her as your PIF friend! She gave you some wonderful items!


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