Tuesday, January 6, 2009


OK, Youngest off to school, hubby at work, coffee in hand. Checked all my emails thus far. Enjoyed all the posts that are posted at this hour. Do not have to go to the post office today. Not allowing myself to sew. Therefore, that only leaves only one thing. I will be spending the day cleaning and doing laundry.

PS five minutes to find this picture. I guess I need to start…..


  1. I don't like laundry!

    Anyway there is a new challenge going around...I know, I don't need another either...just thought that maybe you should stop over there and share your store.

    I got my fabric today! Thank you thank you, thank you soooo much!!

  2. Oh forgot to tell you about the challenge...it's on Rachel Griffin's site Calendar Challenge quilt. They were talking about needing to go to the fabric store but no time. I commented about your store but thought you could do a better job!!

  3. I'm right there with you! I'm just taking a break from folding laundry to peruse some blogs. Then back to work.

  4. Hi Jane, I just finished reading your last post, boy did you get a lot done and some wonderful little gifties!! Blogland has truly been wonderful and yes there are some wonderful people out there. I have to say that the lady in the picture looks way too happy cleaning. And she is dressed to the hilt! I never look like that when I am cleaning. Ah and laundry... don't have too much fun. Did mine yesterday and lamented that the kids go through way too much clothing in the course of a couple of days.

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family! I'm guessing that lots of us spent the first day when the kids went back to school, doing much the same thing! The only thing I enjoy about it is that moment when it's all done and you can stand back and admire, before it all starts all over again!

  6. I did some cleaning today too. And now I am rewarding myself by spending the evening with a needle and thread!

  7. This lady looks like there is a tiger biting her leg but because she's being photgraphed, she'll smile anyway. It is a pained smile. I feel that way when I clean!


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