Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Day......

I received a box of joy yesterday from Jackie. It was a thank you for some fabric I sent her guild to make pillowcase for Paul Neumans ”Hole in the Wall Gang” It was so un-necessary of her but was so very appreciated. She sent some of her favorite tea, which in this cold weather will be wonderful, a box of truffles; I cannot show you because YD and I ate them all. In addition, this wonderful drawstring bag in pink no less. I told her it is the perfect size for my phone, chapstick, a little money, and Kleenex. Actually, I am going to use it today. Thank you Jackie, it was so kind and thoughtful of you. I bet Jackie and her guild will still love to get pillowcases or fabric for them.

Have a great day I am off to the quilt store to get fabric for the new Summer (ok on the other side of the world) Mystery Quilt. Plenty of time to join us. See button on my side bar.

I also forgot to show you some new pink fabric I picked up for my cottages.


  1. You got a box of joy and I got a box of sunshine. :o) Isn't Jackie sweet?

  2. You are so welcome Jane! I am glad you like it and are able to use it today. I love the fabric you picked out, really pretty!

  3. Cute bag you got! Love the fabric too.

  4. The new fabrics are cute. All of them but I'm partial to the pinks in this post. So cute!

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