Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My oh my.......

No, I did not spend three hours making a slidshow of my Christmas Cottages, only to find I had no idea how to put them in the post!!! So, if you would like to view the cottages, they are in a slideshow at the bottom of the page. Man oh Man.......



  1. Cool! So how many cottages did you end up with?

  2. I watched for awhile. Those are really pretty. I'm going to make some.....soon.

  3. Lots of pretty cottages! Now we just have to see them in a quilt!

  4. Lovely cottages. Ready by next Christmas?

  5. Nice slideshow, Jane...I sure hope to get mine put together before next Christmas!

  6. AWESOME!!!!!

    I love all the different things people did! So creative!

    K so to put that on a post, you go to your new post. Then at the top it says Compose and EDIT HTML. Click the Edit HTML. (Copy your code from photobucket) Paste it in the text place.

    Then push enter once after your pasted-ness... and scribble something like alsdh just to keep your place.

    Then click the compose one and delete your scribble. But that's where your photos will be.

    It's pretty easy. You can exactly just write the post from the edit html one without clicking over but you can't change the color or text.

    Hope it helps and isn't too confusing!

  7. Wow, that's a cool way of showcasing them! How did you do it?? I'm impressed!

  8. The slideshow was wonderful. Bravo!!

  9. Those cottages are so pretty and cheerful! Can't wait to see how you put them together.

  10. You are funny. It cycled through many times - and I cried. They are all so sweet. It made me so happy to see the slide show. You'll never know how much. Thank you. Well, also Andrew Lloyd Webber songs make me cry too. But the Abba made me suck it up. Both the slide shows were darling. I gotta do that sometime. Soon.

    And that Stephanie - she's a doll.


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