Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Few Fun Things....

I have a few things to share with you today. When I hosted my Whirl into Winter Giveaway; I asked this question, “What is your favorite candy? “. One of the girls , Celia, said, “Green & Blacks” I had never heard of that candy!! Imagine, chocolate I never have had!! She kindly sent me some….
All I have left to show you are the wrappers !!! Wow! Was it good and I even shared!!

I also won two giveaways!!
First from Art Girl this bag of scraps;
I did not put the pink on top!! Silly you!

Then I won the pattern “Paris Picnic” from Quit Taffy. I cannot wait to start this.

Now this wonderful fabric came yesterday…..
Hmm what will I do with this??????????????

Jane = pink, glitter, fabric and chocolate.


  1. Love Paris Picnic! Hmmm...tea fabric? I wonder!

  2. Love love love the teapots...so peaceful....Lani

  3. I love that pattern that Quilt Taffy showed. Good for you. How did the green and blacks taste? I just realized last night I sent you something that was the wrong one when I came across the RIGHT one in my sewing room. Oh well.

    I'll have to think about the teapots. hmmm

  4. congrats on winning Paris Picnic. i'm definitely making one. & would love to see your fabrics.

  5. Congrats on your wins! Mmmm chocolate. I bet it was good.

  6. I am not sure I would have shared! Love the hot pink fabric!!

  7. What great treats, Jane! Like you - how could I have never had this chocolate! I saw somewhere else that chocolate is low fat and low calorie - hah! Nice to dream....
    Congratulations on all your terrific wins!

  8. Hi Jane,

    I found you through Calamaity Janes. Where did you find the teapot fabric??? I must have some. Can you tell me the manufacturer and name of the line?

    Many thanks,

  9. Those teapots are wonderful. Lucky you with two wins!!!!

  10. What a great day for yoU!!

    What does taht chocolate taste like?

  11. The Quilt Taffy quilt is charming!!

  12. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for welcoming me to blogland. Congrats on the giveaway wins...cute things. Maybe you'll be a winner a third time!!

  13. I give you a '10' for overall wonderful-ness of your goodies!!!

  14. Hmmmm! Chocolate, fabric, teapots. Yummy! A delicious post!

  15. Wow love the tea pot and cup fabric. Can I ask where you got it or who it's made by....please I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed some....


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