Monday, March 2, 2015

From This to That....

I would love to share a finished project with you in pictures from this to that....
I would also love to say "Thank You" to Helen Philips  for being a constant source of inspiration to me and no doubt countless others. If You have not been to her blog, please visit, she is amazing. 

The Start

Hunt and gather....


 Cut and piece.....

Baste and pin....

Big Stitch Quilting...

A Finish!  Too cold to take pictures outside today so here she is all fresh and cozy and warm from the dryer.

I love how she works with my hexie pillow!

A polka dot backing.

 Thank you for your visit. Have a wonderful week and I hope you get to do something you love.


  1. Oh I love, love, love that quilt! Dots are my all-time favorite and those red dots on the binding and back are perfect! Great job! How long did it take to do big stitch quilting? I've never tried that. Did you use a frame? How did you baste it? Sorry about all the questions! It looks great! XO

  2. I love the quilt and the red and white fabrics.


  3. Simply charming! Your new quilt looks perfect with your pillow :) Have a blessed week! Hugs!

  4. It is just wonderful Jane! Reds and whites and polka dots and big stitches - just want to snuggle.

  5. yes sirreee bobby....I love it too!!! wide is that wonderful big dot binding??

  6. Look at you and all this playing! Great quilt. I love it all red and white. And I love that big binding too. Biggish dots with all those square patches. Fab contrast and visual impact. Now I'm off to check out Helen's blog.

  7. Love that quilt! Fun to see all the different reds/whites!! Breakfast out - then maybe some time for quilting fun!! YES!!

  8. Love the red and white quilt, and the extension of the backing to serve as the binding! My hands do not want to cooperate anymore, so hand stitching the binding is no longer an option for me. Really nasty weather coming in today, so be safe and stay in and play!

  9. That is the second red & white quilt that's come into my inbox this morning ... I wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something?

  10. I love red and white quilts. They always look fresh and clean and great for use in Spring and Summer. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Susie x

  11. Oh my gosh Jane. I am in love with your red and white quilt. It is just gorgeous. Your hexie pillow looks great with your quilt.

  12. Dear Jane.....thank you so much for the sweet mention!! I got a surprise when I popped over here to see what you've been making! I love your beautiful red and white quilt, it is delightful! Love your gorgeous hexie pillow too! Happy weekend :)
    Helen xox

  13. Very pretty and fast finishes are always so rewarding.

  14. Love it! With our cold cold weather, snuggling under a beautiful quilt fresh from the dryer is oh so delightful!


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