Saturday, March 21, 2015

It's Gone!

I have no idea when it left, I think a few weeks ago. Maybe when we again had to stay in the house because of the snow. I really do not know. What I do know is that my mojo is gone!  I do not want to sit at my machine. My head hurts from all the beautiful fabric I have and trying to decide what I want to make. I take fabrics out, look at them and then put them back. Hexies, I love them, but what fabric, what to do with them after I make them? Blogging, what can I blog about? I am not sewing!!   So until it comes back, and I know it will, I took out my trusty knitting needles!  Started a baby afghan. 

And this happened!

But now this is happening...

I do spend time on Instgram. I wish I had joined sooner. The people are so kind and so talented. I highly encourage you to join. You will be tickled pink with all the beautiful inspiration projects you will see, from some of your favorites to new people who will now be favorites.

So have a wonderful weekend and I hope to be back soon.

Ohh, there is a hashtag on IG  call #Thegreatfabricdestash   there are tons of fabrics listed. I was able to grab quite a few that I wanted at a great price.

Happy sewing !!


  1. Love the afghan! I've always wanted to learn to knit or crochet but I'm kind of glad I don't know how. I have so much going on right would be another source of guilt for not finishing something...hahaha. That afghan is gorgeous!

  2. I know what you mean, it does happen from time to time, it will come back!

  3. My brain looks a little,like your first picture at the moment, so,I understand exactly what you mean. I joined Instagram last week if you would like to follow. Direct link on my blog,if you are interested.

  4. Your beautiful knitting makes up for not sewing, surely! I have been on a slow sew until mine returns! And I have some knitting to keep me occupied at night until then!

  5. Rosemary B here:
    I can relate.
    It is good you are keeping busy though doing other stuffs.
    I like your afghan, It is best if I just stay away from yarn and hooks ad needles for now.
    Love you

  6. Oh Jane...I just found my sewing mojo after what seemed like forever, so I'm empathetic to your frustration. I think just moving on and accepting it is the the perfect thing to do. I miss ya in our quity blog land but am glad instagram and knitting are keeping you connected and busy.

  7. The second "happening" is SO better than the first! LoL At least there is a mojo going on in some form or another. It doesn't have to be the sewing mojo. Knitting mojo is good too. You must tell me about Instagram. Is it similar to flickr?

  8. Good morning Jane....I am so sorry to hear you have misplaced Mojo, and hope you will find him soon. It's heartbreaking to know that something you love so much has just picked up and left, without any explanation, but I would be willing to bet, that one day soon, he will reappear and you'll be off and running at warp speed, with Mr. Mojo by your side. Enjoy the day,

  9. Your baby blanket is gorgeous! Sometimes our mind just needs a change.your work is lovely no matter what you are working on. Hugs,

  10. Hi Jane. Your knitting is gorgeous. What a sweet baby blanket it will make. Hope you get your mojo back soon.

  11. Great don't always have to be quilting to be creative....and sometimes it does hurt to sit and think on what to do next. Take a break, it will come to ya!


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