Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Beach Quilt

A Beach Quilt, well that is what I am calling this quilt. Nope, we do not live near a beach!  
This quilt will be used outside.  
I see it under a tree with the grandchildren, a pile of books, and snacks.
I see it wrapped around us when we are outside watching a sporting event.
I see it on the grass to watch the 4th of July Fireworks.
I see it always in the car ready for anything!

I have been collecting fabrics for this quilt for about a year.

One yard of each of the 15 prints. You know one print had to be pink!

I cut them into 6.5 inch squares. (lazy, the width of my ruler)!

Total squares, Hmm, 450!

Sooo, I am making two of these quilts.

Here is the layout for the blocks.  

I have changed the layout since this picture was taken, that was a mistake, but, oh well!

I like to sew in sections, so I am making them until I think the quilts are large enough.

One for everywhere, and one for the beach?  A girl can dream, right?

Eww, there was a possum in our backyard eating the remains of our snowman!  

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you do something you love.


  1. You have the best sense of color and the best fabric stash! I love everything you do and this is perfect! I'll bet it will be one (or two) of your all-time favorite quilts! It's just awesome!

  2. I love the fabrics you picked, it's going to be one you won't want to put on the ground! I am not a fan of possums....

  3. I think it was a smart way to cut them - width of ruler - works for me. You will be surprised how fast they will grow. Enjoy playing.

  4. I too love these fabrics you picked and love that it's just going to be some fun, easy sewing. Love the simplicity of what you are doing. Fnu to think of all future adventures and quilty hugs. A crack me up!

    1. I think I'm getting my comment is not without grammical errors...seriously. LOL!! I know ya love me anyways!

  5. Those are such fun fabrics and will make a great "everywhere" quilt.

  6. What fun fabrics, perfect for dreary winter sewing. Poor Mr. Snowman

  7. crack me up! Like, I guess I'm making two. LoL Well sure, why not! They're gonna be so fun you'll be glad there are two. You bet a girl can dream! Set a goal. When you get the beach one done, go to a beach. There's on a couple of hours from me......just sayin'.

  8. I can't see the photos of the layouts - but I love the prints! Not the 'possum!! It's going to be in the low 70s maybe... but the sun is shining so we'll be out and about!!

  9. Mama called these car quilts and they where kept in the car ready to come out as needed for sand, grass or whatever as needed.

  10. What fun fabrics, Jane! The quilt is going to look so cute :) May you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Hugs to you!

  11. Oh to dream of the beach right now. Have fun with those cute prints.

  12. awesome possum! ewww....they are such a 'not so cute' animal. The babies are cute though. Great fun fabrics Jane! Happy Valentines Day!

  13. Ahh yes, a quilt for the fireworks, summer picnics and how about the living room floor when the winter seems oh so long! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  14. This will be a lovely bright summery quilt (or two!) I liked seeing the possum......fancy eating the snowman!
    Helen xox


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