Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Friendship Swap

I have begun making blocks for the Friendship Swap I have joined. If you missed my post about the swap you can find it 
you never know, you might what to join!

For the month of November, Maria choose
red, blue, light green
Here I some fabrics I am going to use...
As you can see, slim pickings on the light green. Some shopping is in order!

And I can only show you one block for now.
We have a revel day at the end of each month.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Ooooh! Very pretty! I don't have many light green fabrics either! (I am waiting for mine to arrive from the US- stalking the postman!)

  2. Pretty, pretty block! I sure love your collection of reds!

  3. I just love the wide stripes on the diagonal. Great colors.

  4. When we were talking about those colors - I couldn't imagine. But - I LOVE how the block came out! Beautiful! and Perfect!!! Shopping?!!!! Yippee skippee!

  5. Well, I certainly like your fabric selections and THAT BLOCK looks FABULOUS!!

  6. Sounds like fun! The block turned out great!


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