Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A True Friend!

A true friend. One you can call and she will come over just to help you adjust your sewing machine so it sews a true 1/4 inch seam.

When my middle daughter got married 3 years ago, this is the quilt I made for the newlyweds.

Queen size...

Fast Forward to last month...

Ring, Ring, "Hi Honey"
"Hi Mom"
"We got a king size bed"
"That's great"
"Ummm, we were wondering if there was anyway you could make our quilt bigger?"
"Sure. no problem, just give it to me and I would be happy too"
"Thanks, love you"
"Love you too"

A true friend, someone who will come over and walk you step by step through a process you had no idea how to accomplish.

My idea was to take apart the last 6 inchs of the quilt on all four sides, hand quilting and all!
Elaine's idea...
Not sure if I can even explain it correctly!
After we talked to my daughter and measured the quilt we were able to figure out that we only needed to add 13 inches to two sides. The other two were fine.
So, off came the binding. Then a quick sew around the edge of the whole quilt so the hand quilting would not come out. 
OK, I get it I will cut 13 inch stripes to make a border. No, stop!  "you do not want any seams in the border right?"  "Ahh, sure"
First cute the length of the one side we need to fix, what!!  
Cut right down the middle of the 6 yards. I now had two pieces of 72 by 44 inch fabrics.
Take the 72 by 44 and now cut two 13 by 72.
This would yield 4 pieces of 13 by 72.

Next cut batting 15 ( a little bigger) by 72, twice.

OK now I have a back, batting, and top.
Let's sew!

Somehow it ending up being a french seam. I believe we laid it backing right side up, batting, the top and sewed, flipped the backing over and it hid the stitching. Or something like that! See no seam on the back!

Hand quilt the new border. 

Add new binding. 

 Wash, dry, and give back to the couple for a good night's sleep.

Yep, a true friend is someone who has the patience to hold my hand through a process I can barley explain.

Thank you Elaine! 


  1. I know exactly what you did - yes, you have a very good friend.

  2. Wow! I think I would have suggested they put the current quilt on a guest bed and I'll make a new one! Thank goodness for good friends!!

    It's a very pretty quilt Jane. You and Elaine are a great team.

  3. That is impressive....great extention!!!

  4. You definitely are a good team! Best keep this friend. You did a fabulous job. I'm impressed that you found (or had) the perfect fabric.

  5. Woohoo! great job, I would have made another quilt :)

  6. Congrats on solving the problem. Great job!

  7. Great job! I might have suggested making a new quilt! This was a fantastic solution!

  8. Beautiful work! Great to have a friend to do things together and solve puzzles :)

  9. It was a pleasure! Thank you for all the praise!! A great way to start the day!! And you did a great job explaining! You did skip the part where we were shaking our heads about how Em measurements! lol

  10. You are such a good mom! I think my answer would have been "uh... no, I don't think that is possible" Now I know it can!

  11. WOW! I would have also said new quilt. And great to have a friend who could help you with that.

  12. WOW! your perseverance paid off. Well done you and your friend.

  13. Wow! Impressive!!! I would have made a new one!

  14. I agree with Amy - I probably would have made them a new one, lol! Very impressed! (and I adore blue & yellow together)

  15. Great job and making the quilt larger , seemed a little complicated to me :-)

  16. That is fantastic and yes it does sound complicated. Good friends are worth their weight in gold.

  17. If you could run that by me a couple more times.... lol Yes, your friend is a keeper! You're a super Mom too. I don't think I'd have been willing to take apart a quilt.


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