Friday, November 22, 2013

Flimsy Number Two!

Yippee!!  Things are going well with my college quilts. I finished the flimsy for quilt number two.

and I have started to tie the purple one! 

 I am so proud of myself for getting a jump on these quilts.

Oh wait, I still have Maggie's and that one is hand quilted.
Well. I have until May!
Have a wonderful weekend and do something you love.


  1. These quilts are so sweet! Perfect for college!

  2. The coral quilt turned out beautiful, I love the sparkling effect those fabrics are giving. Great progress, Jane :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. The red one really caught my eye. I can see you are just using scraps, but scrap quilts are always my favorites.

  4. jello jane-I see that you never stop-you energizer bunny you! i luv that coral quilt ! soo nice!
    hope you and your lovley family and happy and healthy

  5. Both quilts are beautiful. I LOVE the purple tie :) You really are ahead of the game here.

  6. The quilts are so bright and beautiful! I always love the feeling of accomplishment when a big project is done.

  7. Those will be so wonderful to receive! So bright and happy in their colors!


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