Monday, March 4, 2013

You Know What I Say!

Love it!
Buy it!
Use it!

So next up is my fabric collection of
The Berenstein Bears!

I have decided again to do the piecing by hand. I just seem to have better luck with matching seams.
I have chosen a simple pattern. I want to make sure that we can see the wonderful pictures on the fabric.
I am thinking a large 8 X 8 pictorial square and then a large half square triangle of the coordinating fabrics .
Here are the fabrics I have chosen.

And some sweet little boy had his 4 year old birthday party.
Superhero Theme.
So Grandma made a few superhero bean bags for Bozo buckets and hot potato.

Happy sewing!


  1. Gorgeous fabric and such a nice colourway for spring time sewing. Love the little beanbags too.

  2. That is gonna be so adorable.

  3. Jane, I like your ideas for the Bears and your Super Hero bean bags are the cutest.

  4. Those are wonderful and I love the fabric!!!

  5. I love your fabric, too! I haven't seen any Berenstein Bear fabric that I have like as well as this. This would make such a cute donation quilt!

  6. That is so fun, will make a wonderful quilt. I need to get going on a design for mine, less than 3 months to go.


  7. What a cute quilt those fabrics will make. Great idea for the bean bags, I'm sure they werre a huge "Hit". Jane

  8. ahhh that made me smile....superhero bean bags....yes who would not want to play with those wee tots

  9. What kind of beans did you fill them with? I know my Monkey Boys would love, love, love some bean bags like those.

  10. I love bean bags.

    Bozo buckets? Is that like the bucket toss game they played on the Bozo show? Oh my gosh, I LOVED watching that game! I love when something sparks a memory from long ago.


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