Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Tiny Step

Well, I did make a tiny step forward in my Berenstein Bear quilt.
I cut two set of blocks that I will make into large (8 inch) half square triangles.
Hopefully more cutting today.


  1. Well at least you started. I finally finished ripping out all those pants leg scraps to get started on that runner for my sister.Don't remember if I told you or someone else. They are from my Moms alteratiosn shop. All camoflauge and kaki colors of pants legs that were cut off to be hemmed. My sister & her husbands are big time hunters and own a archery shop. They have camoflauge recliners and bedding and to his own decor taste. They are in a new home and I want to make them something for it. So I thought a camo table runner I will be recycleing & reuseing at the same time.

  2. The first cut is the hardest, especially when it is such cute fabric. Good for you to get it going. :O)

  3. This fabric is perfect for little kids! The tree house with glass windows is definitely every child's dream. It will make a very cheerful quilt.


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