Monday, March 11, 2013


Did you ever hit a roadblock in your quilting?
I had the Bereinstein Bear Fabrics set. 

Even cut them.......

I tried so many layouts. None! None looked right!  Spent hours, wait two days playing with them and it just was not working.
I hit a huge roadblock.
Not sure what you would do in this case but I decided it was best to put it away for awhile and come back to it when this roadblock was gone.
I know so many of us have only so much time in our day to sew and I think I was just getting frustrated at wasting time.

I took these pretties out!
Oh I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I missed this fabric when it first came out. I would have bought a bolt of each color! Oh gosh, maybe even two!  Now you cannot find it and I hoard every tiny scrap!

I cannot tell you yet what I am using them for but this project seems to be going at a smooth pace.

Happy Sewing!



  1. Road blocks happen to all of us I believe. I get so little sewing done anymor. It seems like sometimes days of road blocks get in my way. But the mojo allways returns

  2. Just a bump in the road Jane! That`s the name of the game in my house, lol. The new fabric you chose is wonderful. Can`t wait to see what you are making!

  3. Oh, SO many roadblocks! I just set the idea aside and wait for the perfect inspiration to strike. It usually does...eventually.

  4. I find that problem with the fun designs, too much cutting and you loose a lot of the area. I think they work better in larger cuts and borders.


  5. I never have them lol or at least admit to it...yes I think best to go on to something know sometimes that is all we need to get some focus and inspiration ...

  6. In time I am sure a new idea will spark for the cute bear quilt. You did the right thing by taking a break. Your new project pictures are so tempting, Jane :)


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