Friday, February 24, 2012

A Few Things....

Just a few things to show you today.
Yes, I did a little shopping.
This is my new favorite fabric. Half Moon Modern.
You can get it here at Quilt Taffy.

Also, I am just a little obsessed with Kei Kerchief Girls! I check just about everyday and when I see them, I buy them.

I have some fun plans for this new baby! I will show you later.

Not sure about you but I seem to have trouble with light. Yes, I can never have enough! These darn old eyes of mine!!
For years, I used this type of light. It worked for me but it radiates a lot of heat.
Then I tried this light..
Kept hitting my head (how silly am I)

Now, (yes Elaine, I took your advice)  I have this light. Bright, does not radiate heat, and I do not hit my head!!  All good things.

Have a wonderful weekend, snow here, perfect for sledding and snowmen building!


  1. Love the scissor fabric, that is so fun and great for sewing accessories. I can't see either, but I can adjust my eyes to actually see it, most of the time. It is easier to see the letters as a whole then try to read each one, but yes it is a pain. I took mine off but getting more junk mail and that I don't like.


  2. You have some great toys there, Jane. Enjoy your weekend. Mine has been disabled as well and with the Spam blockers that Blogger has, I seldom if ever have spam. Make my life easier is all I ask. Judy C in NC

  3. Dang, that's some cute fabric!
    I've gone without the word verification for a long time now... I moderate all coments left after a day and it works great.

  4. Thanks for that word verification information Jane! I very strongly dislike the new format, so I've disabled it on my site. I approve every comment before it's published anyway and just delete those that are obvious spam.

    Love the scissor fabric...the colors are so bright! And those little kerchief girls...can't wait to see what you do with those!


  5. Yes! Thanks for spreading the word about word verification. I blogged about it last weekend to, because I found, to my horror, that mine was turned on. Also, thanks for identifying the scissors fabric for me as half moon modern. I was just in the fabric store looking for some yesterday!

  6. I have the same stars....can't wait to see what you're making!

  7. Love the fabrics. Can't wait to see what you make with them!! I need to get me an american shopping buddy.....

  8. I have the same trouble with light - always seems to be an inconvenient shadow! I like your bendy light - must have the new bright led's. Might just have to find one...

  9. I don't like the new word verification...these old eyes can't see that well...

  10. I just think the blogging world is quiet lately.

    I love love love.....quadruple love your fabrics.

  11. No - you decided MAYBE the lights I ordered were OK?! lol lol lol!! Off to the Islands this AM! No comments for a week!

  12. Thanks for the blogger tip. I just turned mine off. I'm like you, I eventually give up because I can't read those blurry words. (And that's really frustrating when it's an amazing give-a-way and I can't enter!)
    Love your scissor and scarf fabric!

  13. Love the Half Moon Modern. You have great taste in fabrics. Can't wait to see what you are making.Yes, I too need more light.

  14. Oh, I love my OttLight!! I could not live without it!! They have altered the word verification a second time and now it is two words but the one is no longer in a little black circle and it is a little better! But I hear you! I am big on leaving comments and wow! They were worse than a pop quiz in high school chem class!!

  15. wow, love those girls, amazing that you found some
    gosh, where do you find them?


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