Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aqua and Flimsy.....

Well, I set out to accomplish quite a bit this week. However, yes, it is true, I did not get it all finished.
I discovered something I should have never found...
Yes, I have been turned to the dark fun side!

BUT this is what I have accomplished.


Three blocks for my quilters palette quilt.


I did finish my string quilt top. I was very lucky to notice a seam loose when I held it up to the light! I mean, there is nothing worse than having a quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt and discovering a missed seam!

Future plans...
Sandwich string quilt...

Sandwich Sparkle Plenty...
(After I fix the corners that are making me crazy. Thought I could let it go, Noooo)

AND, oh yes, cutting the color I have been saving for last!


Happy Sewing!



  1. I know, Pinterest is soooo fun to look at! And I've already gotten quite a few great tips off of there for household stuff! Not to mention all of the quilting stuff is great fun to look at!
    I love your blue blocks... very pretty. I am addicted to aqua... damn Martha Stewart! She started it all! lol
    Haven't done any string piecing yet, but I have a dear friend who does this with selvages. Love the pinks!

  2. Oh such wonderful colors!

    Your string quilt is fabulous. I think I would have to fix the corners of the sparkle quilt too!

    I have resisted Pinterest thus far...can't get into one more thing that will suck away my time!

    Looking forward to seeing your pink blocks and that whole quilt pieced together. It will be so beautiful!


  3. Love your aqua blocks. I would be the same as you with the sparkle...I love my seam ripper,

  4. The teal is beautiful but I know how you love pink. :). We just did a tutorial for string quilts with some of our new quilters in my group. They loved it! Blessings, Marlene

  5. Those aquas and pinks add a spark of "happy" to a very dreary day. Looking forward to seeing Sparkle Plenty finished. :o)

  6. I love your aqua and all of your fun projects....

    Love penterest!!

  7. Your blocks are coming along very nicely Jane!

  8. The pink and qua blocks are going to be great together Jane..
    Ok, now I'm going to have to check out Pinterest..
    Julia ♥

  9. Wow-busy lady. I love your aqua. Can't wait to see the pink.

  10. I am loveing that print with the gal who has the bandana on her head! What is that??? Love it! Have to find me some!!

  11. I've noticed that since you closed down your etsy fabric store you have lots more time for quilting projects! I love your blocks. I haven't seen that project online? I can't do it all but it sure is fun to look at all the fun sewing projects. Pinterest is something I have to do late at night and on week-ends or I'll waste 2 hrs before I know it. I have found a ton of great tips for household cleaning, etc... I think it's the best thing since sliced bread but then there's Words with Friends that is another time sucker for me. It's a good thin I'm retired and that Scott is independent enough to play by himself so I can do all this fun stuff. I zig zagged my wonky blocks for 4 hrs. last night while watching TV. I brought my sewing machine downstairs to my "nightly nesting area" and got a lot done while still sitting with my hubby
    Gmama jane

  12. Love your blocks and that string quilt is gorgeous!!
    I'm still managing to avoid pinterest like the plague! :)

  13. And how did I. Miss the blues lol lovely...and the sting quilt wowzie,,,,and yes you are exploring the pin lol it.s a good thing lol

  14. I really love your string quilt. That's on my list of someday quilts. What size are you cutting the squares for your color blocks? They look like they would be fun to make.

  15. I want to find you on Pinterest. Can you post the link on your blog? Or you can find me at Johna Lee Burk. So glad you succumbed dahling!


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