Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well, I finished up my BLACK blocks for my quilters palette quilt.

Next up...


I also made a pillowcase for Little T.  As I was blog reading I commented on Robins blog about how cute I thought her dinosaur fabric was and if she knew the company who made the fabric. Lo and behold it arrived at my home!!
Thank you so much Robin!


Happy Sewing!


  1. How did you know I needed a link to this pillow case tutorial? We were given a charity assignment last night at our guild, and I was looking for this very thing. Thanks!

  2. Great black blocks with a touch of color - I like that! Love the green, it reminds me to get back to quilting my green project (get off the computer!) You lost me on the color thing. You'd think blogger could at least offer a good orange, but NOOOOOOOO!

  3. Jane, you are such a testament to why the turtle beat the hare! Your perseverance is enviable!

  4. Love your black block! You must have a wonderful, colorful stash! Will keep watching the quilt take shape!

  5. Your color blocks all look wonderful!

    The dinosaurs look wonderful as a pillow! I love the bright colors in this fabric.

  6. not even close to getting it! I can't even figure out the little linky things if they don't have the darn silly code sitting right underneath of them!! *^## $*! &^$* @& LOL

  7. Love your palette blocks - and love following your progress.
    On my E Blogger, I go into template settings and change the "hover" color for links to what I want. Not sure if yours works that way, but though I would mention. Surely Samm knows this answer, LoL. Judy C

  8. I love your blocks, and your pillowcase turned out wonderfully!!

  9. I do love the tuts that Sew We Quilt has, too.

    Your Quilters Palette Quilt is going to be spectacular!

  10. Love watching your colour blocks come together. I have made just two pillowcases, and that is a great tut at Sew We Quilt.


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