Thursday, February 3, 2011

What to do on a snow day...........

First off I would like to say Thank You for all your well wishes during our snow storm. At this point there have been no injurers. People were stranded on the road right by Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago for as long as 13 hours. As of this afternoon they were still trying to remove cars that were abandon by their owners either for running out of gas or just plain tired of not moving. Kind people crossed the street to bring the passengers food and drinks and blankets. All are home now but some have not gotten their cars yet.

Due to the plummeting temperatures they expect the wind chill factor to go as low as -25 to-30 below zero!

We get another snow day!!

What did we do today?
Slept in!! I was served hot coffee in bed my daughter!
Did some sewing, just not ready to show you yet.
Watched as my hubby went out every half hour or so to shovel!
Actually cleaned out the crawl space and packed and moved bins into our new closets.
Played games.
Watched TV.
Ate junk food.

I have showed you where I piece my quilts........

I thought it might be fun to show you where I hand quilt. I must first take a shower and get into my PJ’s. I sit in my lazy-boy with the feet up. My quilt is on my lap all cozy. To my left, my bright light, scissors, thread, pins, etc
This is the only spot I can do my quilting.

To my right hanging on the wall is a quilt my mother embroidered and I added the scrappy border. This is such a treasure for me as my mother passed almost 20 years ago at a very young age.

Then right in front of me, less than 3 feet away, is the TV. Tonight, Top Chef, while I quilt.

I decided to stitch a big X in each of the nine patch sections.

I sometimes use medical tape to keep my stitching straight. I plan on using a nice pink in the sashing but have not decided on the pattern yet.

There you have it!! My very special spot. I could spend hours (and I have) quilting there!

Well it is after midnight, and I have no idea why I am wide awake so I think I will now go and read on my kindle!

Hope I did not bore you too much!


  1. I need a lazy boy! I could just feel the warmth and comfyness....a stolen moment in time...

  2. Chicago has been all over the news! Looks like you have things to keep you busy and comfy. I love your 9-patch. And I love Top Chef...Go Carla! I'm go glad they finally got rid of Marcel. :o)

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thank you for showing us your hand quilting corner. The 9patch quilt is looking really good!

  4. I was reading about all those cars stuck on the highway this morning. While I was reading our news announced they closed a major highway due to fog. Seems very pale in comparison.

    It seems that the best thing to do during big snow storms is to sit and quilt. I would imagine the quilt helps keep you warm while you work on it.

  5. Not a boring post at all. I like to see where others work and how they get their projects done. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I've thought about you every time they show Chicago weather on the news. I'm just glad to know you've had power and are snuggly safe in your home with family near. A perfect time to quilt!

  7. That is the only way to quilt, lol.
    Warm flannel jammies and a comfy chair, good movies and I am all set to hibernate through the storms;)


  8. You are getting snow like we are... yuck!! Love the little tour of your work space. You look so comfy there quilting. Perfect thing for a snow day!!

  9. Hope you stay warm. I love our litle spot. I love Top Chef as well.....

    Sounds like you are sure enjoying your snow keep on a sewing!!

  10. What a cozy comfortable spot you have. And a beautiful 9-patch to work on. It looks like you are quilting without a hoop. Enjoy your snow days. Hope it doesn't linger too much longer.

  11. Cozy up... Enjoy the day.

  12. What a lovely treasured quilt from your mother. It looks so cute, I bet it's a nice feeling seeing it displayed.
    Oh geesh, so so cold. I can't even imagine that cold.

  13. I love your little area. Take care with the weather. I have heard how bad it is.

  14. What a winter our country has been having. That photo is crazy.
    My son lives in DC and had to leave his car on a side street because of the snow and traffic. He had to walk 6 miles to his home in pouring down snow. His wife couldn't come get him because she was also stuck in traffic. He finally got his car 3 days later.
    Sounds like the perfect way to spend a snowy day.

  15. forgot to tell you that I just love the quilt your mom made. What a treasure.

  16. Your 9-patch quilt is precious! And so is your mother's lovely embroidered quilt.

    I'm so sick of winter now! We didn't get slammed with the snow like you did but I am sooo ready for spring!

  17. Good Morning, Jane,
    The pictures of those cars was on our news, too. Pretty crazy. I'm glad everyone is OK.

    Happy Weekend ~Natalie

  18. Oh wow. I'm super impressed you will hand quilt it. I know you do this. But seriously I just can't do it.


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