Wednesday, February 2, 2011


20 inches!!!!!!!
Third largest in Chicago History.
Sorry to say I was alive for the first two largest!! (1967 and 1999)
Gee Whiz I am getting old!!!


  1. Nah,you're not're old when you can remember when, but you can't remember what....

  2. Even *I* was alive for those other two dates, but I'm not old! That means YOU are not old!

    We've gotten at least 18 inches between yesterday and today and we're still not done! Wow, what a winter! Spring will be all the more wonderful, once it arrives!


  3. Definitely not old....'cause I can remember further than that, and I'm not neither are you.

    Let's see some pics of the snow at your place.

  4. We've been watching reports on the news. Wow.

  5. I can't believe that we had a snow day at our restaurants today. We got about a foot of snow. The blowing and drifting were our main problems.

  6. And you are here to see the this one, isn't it great. grin

    The worlds weather is playing games with al of us at the moment.

  7. Mainly ice and sleet just a few hours south. They keep talking about the 1978 storm here and not that I would really remember that storm but I am older than it. Still being able to remember a late 60's storm does not make you old, at least I hope not since I am quickly approaching that age.

  8. Jane, you must have just been a tiny baby in '
    What crazy weather is happening around the world..
    Julia ♥

  9. Jane, that is very cold to me. Please stay warm, perfect weather for quilting.

  10. Oh, WOW! I thought 14" was bad! We may actually be able to dig out tomorrow....

  11. I definitely remember the 1999 one. I was in 7th or 8th grade at the time, but I remember we had almost a week off of school, and my stepmoms car was completely buried in the snowdrift!


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