Friday, February 18, 2011

Does this......

Does this happen to you?
I did nothing unusual last night.
No coffee…
No sweets….
Normal computer surfing.
Hop into bed; wide awake, WIDE AWAKE!!!
Ok, just finished my book so nothing to read. Turn on the TV, The Nanny….
Then a little Of Conan…….
Wide awake…
Cannot give in…
Must stay in bed…
Oh look The Nanny is back on!!
2AM, set the TV timer……
Last time I saw the clock it was 3AM…
Next time I am just going to get up and
“pull an all nighter' ”!!

Hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day and week.
The winner of the charm packs is

Dawn from pins & needles
An email has been sent!

Have a happy sewing weekend!!


  1. Call me and we can do the all nighter together! Yes, it happens to me too.

  2. it happens about once very 1.5 months or so...but I migrate down to the couch for the tv watching, so as not to disturb the hubs

  3. Thank goodness those nights don't happen too often for me. Hope you sleep well tonight. Congrats to the winner!!!

    Happy Stitching!


  4. Yes it does. And I didn't care for those few years when I didn't have a young child. (Mine are quite spread apart in age.) But, now with a baby again...I HATE it when that happens! I do try to stay in bed thinking I will get the much needed sleep...then get mad at myself in the morning because I could have been sewing all that time!

  5. Those are the most frustrating nights! And, instead of getting up I just lay there - no tv, no reading hoping the boredom will put me to sleep. There is a rumor out there that it has something to do with age - shhhhhh, don't tell anyone.

  6. Sounds like sleepless nights are more common than one might think.

    I have cycles where I will sleep at night and then a span when I don't sleep. I just lay there eye wide open. Waiting for the sandman to come.



  7. Oh....I hate it when that happens....I was that way for over a week in Amerika Samoa...miserable.

    Hope you get some sleep tonight. Congrats to the winner.

  8. Happens every few weeks. I decided if I lay in bed for an hour and can't get to sleep then I get up. I go out to the living room and do a bit of knitting or embroidery until I get sleepy. Sometimes it takes all night other times I get lucky after an hour or so.

    Hope tonight is better.

  9. It doesn't sound like the all nighter was fun.

  10. Hi Jane! " Join the club" :) No matter what time I go to bed, even midnight, I wake somewhere between 2.30 and 3.30am. I usually start to feel tired again close to 6am when our alarm goes off! :(
    It is hard to get enthusiastic about doing stuff during the day when I feel half dead! Sandy.

  11. Gee, you would have still been awake to take the call from my dad at 3:23 a.m. telling me that the wheel on his walker was acting funny. I, on the other hand, was sound asleeep and it startled the beejeebees out of me.

  12. I had a strong of those a few weeks ago. I think mine are chalked up to "change of life" being 48+ and all...

    Hope your sleep cycle gets back on track. Hugs!

    Congrats to the winner... Woo hoo!

  13. Sleep well to night, Jane!
    Not fun when you are just waiting and counting sheep all night :(

  14. I'm a hopeless insomiac, so I have no cure for you. I just use the time to get things done. Usually my housework, laundry, dishes - the stuff I hate to do during the day, gets done at night.

  15. That happens to me but not often. First suggestion - buy a Kindle and you'll never run out of books. :) Second, tape something better than Nanny! I have several episodes of NCIS (Mark Harmon) on the DVR. He definitely won't put me to sleep but at least I'll have fun looking while I'm awake. :) blessings, marlene

  16. Welcome to MEN O really quite common for some women...why do you think sew many women quilt these You thought it was because they like the fabric...noooooooo not at all..they are up, and they have to be quiet not to waken they quilt...I knew that LOL>

  17. Definitely happens to all of us.....and yes, might as well get up and sew.

  18. Yep, that's me too some nights...
    Sweet dreams tonight Jane.
    Julia ♥

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  20. Me too! up till 4 am night before last. Hate when that happens. Too tired to quilt, but not tired enough to sleep. Ah well...

  21. Jane, you can call me too. I have the same problem, nothing can help me to sleep. I watch the Nanny too and then I do enjoy Everybody loves Raymond. Hope you have a better night tonight.

  22. I never used to have a problem sleeping, but now that I am in my happens on occasion. I would say 3-4 times a week. It stinks!


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