Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Sewing….

I found out this weekend that it is amazing how important it is to take time when cutting your quilting pieces. Measure twice cut once is soooo the truth! If Elaine had not cut theses for me it would never have gone together this quick and ACCUATE.
I was able to finish the middle this weekend. And, guess what? It came out the right size!!!
Next the borders!

I also made some of my “I Spy” blocks. See two projects at once!!!

What you do this weekend?

Oh yes, throw in a few girls Basketball games and laundry and grocery shopping! And I have a dumb cold!!!


  1. Well....aren't you the organized one...two quilts at one time...awesome!!!! Those houses look wonderful....

  2. You accomplished a lot with your dumb cold. Feel better.

  3. I love your houses. I have learned time and again that I am not an accurate cutter. I'm always having to fudge a bit when I sew my seams. It usually works out in the end but I think that has more to do with the design I choose rather than any of my skills. I'm OK with it though.

  4. Those houses are just wonderful!!!! It sounds like you got a lot accomplished despite that dumb cold. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Ok, stop the presses, this is the news...I love your creations for chasing the

    seriously Jane..this is pretty think your friend cut them out for me too and you sew them for

    love the houses...

  6. Great progress! I may have a few scraps coming your way... and I hope you get better soon!!!

  7. Two quilts at one go girl! It is so much fun to see your new header popping up, I have seen it so many times but it is still a big wow to me.

  8. Gorgeous houses, Jane! The lights in the windows look cute. Lovely idea to be doing two quilts at a time. Hope you are feeling better.