Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Made This!!!????

I made an ironing board for my new sewing room! Me! Gotta' love the staple gun!!
When they were remodeling the basement, I asked them to save this piece of wood. This was going to be my new ironing board.

We all have a bag of left over batting pieces, right?

Staple the batting to the wood.

Next I stapled canvas on top of the batting.

Viola!!! My new ironing board!

I thought I would give you a peek of my sewing room and how the organization is coming along. I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers as to how to store my stash and what they thought was the most important part of their sewing room.

We have our queen sleeper sofa ordered and hopefully will be here soon. With that being said and the budget now gone, I have used items we had in our home for my sewing room. Little by little they will be replaced with "real" cutting and sewing tables.
I am delighted with my room.
It is warm and cozy and I love it!
So does TT, he calls it the "New Room".

Part of my dresser set from when I was 13 years old. I can still remember when my parents bought me this grown up furniture. Boy they made things well, way back then!!

Just a good old kitchen table!

BTW, see those pink file cabinets? They were $70.00. I bought them for $7.99 each!!!
I also purchased a swivel desk chair for $4.99!! I want to use the good old stable gun and recover the chair. Right now it is purple with flowers!
Thank you for all your help, advice and wonderful comments as this room was created.
Have a wonderful weekend. I am off to sew!!
Go Chicago Bears!!


  1. Way to go, girl! Love how your room is shaping up!

  2. Congrats on your new sewing room, I'm quite jealous! It looks like you need one of Ana White's craft tables, I've been dying to make one of these, but don't have the room. :(

    It would be such a great cutting table!

  3. Jane, you have done a wonderful job with your new room! I love making my own ironing board. I made one using the top of an old broken TV tray and I love it.

    You found some amazing deals too. Love the pink filing cabinets.

  4. Your sewing area is really turning out so cute! I love how you made the ironing board..very ingenious!

  5. I reckon you are going to have a wonderful time in your studio. Lucky you!

  6. Looking great Jane...You'll be buzzing down there, having a great time creating..
    I love your storage cupboards..
    Julia ♥

  7. Wow! Very exciting and completely inviting for creativity. :) I picked the perfect time to stop by for a visit.

  8. Jane, your room is coming along nicely, I am so excited for you ...your organization is wonderful.

  9. Looking good! Looks like you are moving in just fine. Keep the pictures coming as you get it settled.


  10. Good evening,
    Your studio looks wonderful...and you are a brave girl to show the insides of your closet!

    Happy Weekend. ~Natalie

  11. It looks fantastic!!! I love snapping up stuff at super bargain prices too.

    Did you have wall to wall furniture as a young lady? Your desk looks a lot like what I had called "14 Blinks" by American Drew Furniture.

    And yes, Go Bears!

    I have been doing my own version of the Saturday Night Live dance for "Da Bearsh!" My poor BillHubby just shakes his head and tries not to laugh too hard.

  12. May I just say how jealous I am of your closets? But in a good way. Enjoy your new room!

  13. What a happy space. Great job on your "new" ironing board.

  14. Looking good Jane! I love that you're using that good old sturdy furniture. Nothing quite like it is being made these days, that's for sure!


  15. I just said to myself how much I needed a large ironing board and then I read your post! Great idea!! BTW, the sewing room is coming along nicely and I especially like that you're repurposing old furniture pieces. Very economical and still functional.
    Post a completed picture soon!
    Gmama Jane

  16. I love how this has turned out - and I love the 'old' furniture - no need to replace it if it does the trick - what lovely memories too. Hope you have fun in there!

  17. Way to go...looking very are getting there and with all the pink accents well I am need to make a quilted cover for your new ironing board...

  18. It's waaaay too organized for fun!!!! Love your ironing board. That will come in so handy for you.

  19. Looks like its all ready to produce wonderful quilty goodness! In my closet the UFOs would take up a lot more space...

  20. I love the ironing board! I need to make a "giant size" one for my future sewing room -unfortunately I don't have the space now.

    Love your new sewing room, well organized!

  21. Jane, your closet space is so convenient to organize the supplies! Isn't it very exciting planning every corner and putting them together! :D

  22. It is coming along. I was so sad the bears lost! I hate the 2 teams in the superbowl. I don't even feel like watching it!!! Sigh. Next year we'll get em. Go Eagles, Go Bears.

  23. Everything has come along quite spectacular and I love that shade of blue. Congratulations, Jane - we are quilters - we can do anything.

  24. Jane-- Your room is looking so good!! I can see why you love it. I can't believe how much space your have left for fabric!! You need to go shopping, girl!! LOL

  25. Wow - love how the room has turned out! You must be bonkers! You can even sew when T is there?! Can't wait to see it in "real life"! Boo hoo about our Bears!

  26. Jane, your studio is looking great. Love the blue wall color with the crisp clean white closets. The best part is all the goodies in the closets and your desk.

  27. Jane, I am jealous of your closet organization...and what a great ironing board. I have been organizing my sewing room, I hope I can get it like yours....and the Orange Queen's!!!!

  28. Great ideas for your sewing room. Those homemade ironing boards are really great too.


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