Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 ?????

Plans for the new year??
Nope I have none!!
This will be the year called…
See what comes along and work with it!!!
Another title
The STRESS FREE year!!

This will be a tough one for me!


  1. I like that - 2011 The Stress Free Year - eleven and heaven seem to go together perfectly. Heaven to me will be a place without stress. We all know that to be stress free you have to plan and be happy with yourself. 2011-The Stress Free Year.

  2. Happy New are always here now lol...check one off my stress for me when I visit Jane lol

  3. Happy New Year, Jane! Stress free... what is that?

  4. Stress free will be good for the health of all of us, right Jane? I'm all for it!

  5. I hear you! I've been reading a book about women and stress...can't think of the title right now...not going to stress about that. But- the overriding thought is that it's our perception that creates stress. Meaning- if we think it is stressful it will be. So true. I send you calm vibes for a relaxed new year!

  6. I give stress! I don't get it!


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