Monday, October 4, 2010

Now back to our regular scheduled programming!!

Now that the giveaway is over, I am so looking forward to visiting and getting to know all my new followers. I KNOW there are wonderful blogs out there that I have just not gotten to, this is my chance!!
Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

Did you know there is a brand new “Go”? She is called the baby “Go” and works with her Mama’s Dies. Take a peek !!

Hmmmm, it will take me a few days to show you all the things I did last week.
BUT it might have to do with shopping and sewing.

Stayed tuned!! And Give that Baby “GO” a look!

Oh Wait....
Just a question?
I'm I the only one who buys about 10 different bags of Halloween Candy, only to find I have to buy more for the Trick 0r Treaters?


  1. When we lived in town houses, I always ran out, no matter how much I bought. Now I don't get any kids here, they all grew up and i am off a road, so no one stops.


  2. That happens at our house, too!!! Must be the candy gremlins!!

  3. I start buying Halloween candy the day I first spy it in stores... it never makes it more than a week. I buy a bag of candy I DON'T like about a week before Halloween so I can have something to give out!

    Need further proof? Look closely at my photo... :)

  4. I always buy what I think is too much, and then I happen to run out before Halloween get's here.. oops. Hate that. Atleast I buy the good stuff at first :) LOL. I love the Go Baby, That was nice of them to make a more afordable model. Now mabye for Christmas I can get one.

  5. Good luck to the winner. We really don't get trick or treaters because they do trunk or treat in our area. I get off easy because I have no little kids. It is my daughter's birthday so it lets me focus on her more now. When she was younger it was hard.

  6. We don't even get trick or treaters and we buy candy. bwahahahahaha!

  7. are NOT the only one!!!!! It's the same way here.

  8. UUUMMM-- I probably wouldn't have to buy more if I didn't eat the first ones! Maybe we should buy what we don't like???

  9. We don't usually get that many Trick-or-Treaters so don't buy that much - - - we don't want any left over so that WE WOULD HAVE TO EAT IT! :^)

    Used to give those little boxes of Raisins
    that way if those little beggars did't come we'd eat them ourselves.

    Guess you're glad you don't live in my neighborhood 8-0
    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  10. wow, you sure did get the followeres, that is awesome.

    Is someone eating the candy? HUMMMMMMMMM

  11. Thanks so much for adding my giveaway, Jane! You're such a sweetheart...

  12. Candy gremlins here too!

    also one that nabs a bag or two of candy that I don't like for the munchkins.


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