Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Last Bee.....

The last bee I would like to talk about is the 3 X 6 Bee. I am sure many of you are familiar and or in this bee. One of the reasons I love this bee so much is because of the time commitment. You can choose how many times you would like to play. The year is broken up into quarters and you can pick one or all four. I am so sorry I missed a few quarters.
There is a caretaker of the hive and then there are six little bees. You make six blocks all the same size and pattern; the only difference is the colors. Your members let you know what three colors they would like you to use. I played last quarter and I am thrilled to be able to play twice this quarter. I am a little bee in one group and a caretaker in another.
The colors I choose were pink, orange and a touch of green.

These are my blocks from last quarter. I think they are amazing!!

Now we just started October 1st with this quarter so I do not have any blocks made yet…


I did do a little fabric shopping for this bee!! Really just a little!

I needed a few pink and orange prints.

I was low on green and blue.

And a new color I am falling in love with, grey.

I also picked up these prints
Just because!!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love pink and orange together! The touch of green really works.

  2. I've never worked with black and white and the black is calling out.

  3. Great fabric choices. Cute ideas to host a bee.

  4. I love all the new fabrics they are coming out with, fun to work with to make specialty quilting.


  5. Well, I see you had a LOT of fun! Great fabrics!

  6. I love how fabric designers are combining colors and pushing our way of thinking

  7. I too am developing a passion for grey. Specifically grey with yellow. You sure are busy with all the bees!

  8. What fun fabrics Jane! And your blocks look really cute! Have a happy day!

  9. I like your stash of grays!

  10. You do have such fabulous your bee squares...

  11. Your choice of colors is lovely, Jane. The blocks are very pretty!
    Beautiful selection of fabrics to replensih your stash. I'm in love with gray's too :)

  12. You know I just love the color combo!! The blocks are fantastic too!

  13. You got some awesome blocks and new fabrics too :)

  14. I love visiting your blog...I love your scraps and especially the colors you use. I did have a question too. I like the 6 blocks you got and I see the one you did it in various colorways. It has a white center square with small scrappy squares around it. then a row of white then more scrappy squares. I'm thinking that would be nice done but alternating the fabric. Do you have the cutting dimensions? I'd love to do something like that myself.
    Peggy in NJ


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