Sunday, October 31, 2010

Moving forward…….

Let’s see skylights done and just waiting for drywall.


They had to re-route my laundry chute to fall in the area where the washer and drying sits. How neat is that. I mean they can do anything you want! It is amazing!

OK, so sometimes your husband can come up with a good idea. I try not to let on too often. But, this half wall was a good idea. It will still be my room but will give me the option to see into the other room and watch TT and future grandchildren play. Besides Maggie and my hubby knew I would not want to be a room alone!

Where will place the TV for some fun Wii gaming!

They did all this work in less than 2 weeks!
Monday, we will have an inspection of the electric and framework.
Did you know that now the city code is to have a smoke detector not just on every floor but every bedroom. So will be getting those in all 4 bedrooms and carbon monoxide on the different floors.
They insulation will go in Monday and Tuesday will be the insulation inspection.
If all goes well drywall will start on Wednesday!!
I cannot believe how fast this is all going!
Happy Sewing!


  1. It is going to be great...


  2. I think laundry shoots are fun!

    Here we have to have a smoke detector in every room except bathrooms. It's a good thing to have!

  3. This is going to be great and you are going to love it. I have my sewing room in my basement and have been trying to train myself to call it my "studio." It's still my basement though. Any help with that?

  4. Your basement is looking good. We still need to finish ours off. We have all new walls on one side and a finished room, but still need to clean it out and put flooring in.


  5. Wow! They are moving right along. Love the idea of a half wall.

  6. Looking good! Such fun! Have you thought about all colors yet?


  7. It is starting to take shape. It's going to be great to work there.

  8. I dont like to be in a room alone, so that 1/2 wall is a great idea, when I get a house of my own my sewing room will have a 1/2 wall.

  9. It is going to be great'll be in there buzzing away at your sewing machine before you know it..
    It's law here to have smoke detectors but not in every bedroom, we have three detectors in the hallways.
    Julia ♥

  10. Jane, your renovations are coming together so quickly! That's awesome! Happy Halloween!

  11. I'm so excited for you. What a transformation.


  12. Jane - would you please email me? I have some pics I would like to send you, but don't know your email address!


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