Thursday, December 31, 2009

Did someone say Sale?

Let’s see, where to start?

I know look at what I ordered from Michele at CalicoDaisy

I love this so much, it could not be any cuter! She does wonderful work. Check her store for your own goodies!

Scrap bags, I love them ! I love that what someone thinks is a scrap could be a treasure.
Terri at Sew Fantastic has super scraps bags, take a peek at these…..

I would not call these scraps!! She has some left so hurry to her store.

My next on-line stop was Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics. They are also having a great sale.

Now, I know many of us were playing BINGO at the Jolly Jabber. One of the days they had a prize of the Moda Sampler; well I did not win, so what is a girl to do?, why buy one!!
At a great price, they are also having a sale.

Whew!!! I think this and the Wedding Quilt will last me quite a while, unless there is a sale of course!!!

On a small personal note, thank you for a year of fun, friends, swaps, (LOVE THEM), gifts, advice, kindness, caring, you know friendship!!
Happy New Year and for 2010 I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
Be safe tonight!


  1. Such delicious colors. And that pillow is adorable!

  2. Happy New Year Jane! I'm waiting for my after the holidays retail therapy sale goodied to arrive.

  3. Jane, You were right!! My oh my did you shop! Great finds!

  4. What fun shopping you've done there Jane! I've done a bit myself in the past month or so, and must make a resolution to STOP THE SPENDING! Now I must start using up all the goodies! Happy New Year!


  5. As I looked at that cute Christmas pillow, I kept thinking how cute the green parts would be in Texture Magic. (yes, I have TM on the brain.) I may have to play around with something like that. You really have been purchasing some great finds lately.
    Happy New Year!

  6. whew! what a haul! I love a good sale!

  7. You did well! Bravo!!!

  8. Jane, you have wonderful taste...I love all of your fun things....

  9. thanks for sharing, I just ordered from pink chalk and sew fantastic too!

  10. I love the pillow! Great colors and design. She did a great job!

    I already have the Moda I went over and bought the last 2 scrap packs that I saw lol.

    I could probably save alot of money and get more things accomplished if I stopped looking at everyone's blogs. That wouldn't be any fun though!

  11. I shopped a few sales myself... between Etsy and the other quilt shops..... oh my!

    Thanks for sharing


  12. Love all of it!!

    Happy New Year to you!

  13. Ooh Jane, what fabulous shopping goodies you have!!! I've got a "Recipe for Friendship" jellyroll too, any thoughts on what yours will become yet???
    Joy :o)

  14. eeeek! what fun! now that's the way to start the new year. i may have to tie my hands behind my back!!

  15. That is so cute from Michele! I love the tree.

  16. I'm waiting for my after the holidays retail therapy sale goodied to arrive.

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