Tuesday, December 29, 2009


How fun, Christmas 2009 has come and gone. It was wonderful. Just what you would want from a holiday. Family, family and more Family. Fun, friends, food, laughter and even what I did not want, SNOW!! Boy did we here in Illinois get SNOW. I live in the wrong state!
Goodies, did I say goodies, yes we got those too. I new game for Wii, where Maggie woke up the next day with Wii wrist!!
Wonderful thought gifts were given and received.
Speaking of thoughtful, Nanette of Freda’s Hive, is such a caring, thoughtful and kind lady. If you do not know her, run, do not walk to her blog, you will be so inspired. I was so fortunate to receive a gift from Nanette, as you can see, there was one of her amazing handmade ornaments, a ring pincushion, how neat is that? and, some of her vintage fabrics. Her fabric collection is really something and how kind of her to share. Thank you for your gift, your friendship and to another year of blogging.

Sad news, Elaine (AKA Truffle Queen) left today for Florida; until the end of May!! Not only is she a dear friend, she is my quilting buddy!! I was going to make quick stop at her house to grab a pattern and some quilting books, but, my husband,and Maggie came with, well we then went to get pizza with Elaine, her hubby and oldest daughter! Now if you knew Elaine, you never leave her house empty handed, that went for this day too!! tons of homemade cookies and of course her mouth watering truffles. Now before she left we did take one last trip to Tammy Tadds and our LQS (in the snowstorm) to take a peek at the sale fabrics!
Tomorrow, I will show you what I got on those trips.

2010 is just around the corner!!


  1. can't wait to see what you came home with...

  2. What sweet gifts from Nanette! Enjoy Jane!

  3. Ah Jane I wish I could be your quilting buddy! I quilt alone although in the summer I have Helen.
    Just remember that we are all here!
    Happy New Year.
    Oh, I'm popping over to Freda's.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! Sorry your quilting buddy is leaving you, but we are here! :-))

  5. Oh Boy!!! I got a little Nanette
    pkg. too...good stuff isn't it!!!
    I'm here sniffing with you about
    your quilting buddy!!

  6. I just love Nanette! She is a very thoughtful person. I was also got a fun little package from her.
    I feel bad that your quilting buddy has taken off for a while.

  7. That Nanette is so generous. I got one of her delightful packages too. Aren't we LUCKY?

  8. Sweet presents from Nanette :)
    So sorry about your quilting friend moving. Friends are just precious!


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