Monday, December 14, 2009


Well the pneumonia is gone!! Hallelujah! Boy, all that coughing makes you tired; but my lungs are now clear. I am still on a steroid and an inhaler to keep the cough at bay….
I can start to shop..
Never you mind that it is my daughters 14th birthday tomorrow, much of my shopping has been on-line and in jammies!!

Last week I did not get a chance to mention that I won a giveaway.
Michelle at Dresden Quilter was giving away these beautiful fat quarter batiks. I do not know how, but I do not have any batiks, so this is such a happy win!

Thank you Michelle!!

Also, my 9 patch blocks arrived. I believe that I mentioned that Lurline was kind enough to sponsor me in Christine’s 9-patch swap. Christine was kind enough to let me play along. I love them all so much!

Short post need to shop!!


  1. There is never a good time to be sick but the holidays are the worst time! Glad you're better. Happy Shopping.

  2. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Definitely start shopping now!! It is so much more fun when you are feeling good. Love the batiks that you won and the nine patches will make a sweet quilt. Like Stephanie said, Happy Shopping!

  3. Oh, and Happy 14th to your daughter!!

  4. Hope you continue to feel better. Way to go on the batiks win. You know i didn't have any either until recently I bought a few to make my friend a table runner.
    The nine patch swap looked like fun. It's so nice of Lurline to sponsor you! They are beautiful.

  5. So happy to hear you are feeling better. It's especially hard to be sick during the holiday's, so I wish you well as you try and prepare for the big event.
    Happy 14th to your daughter!

  6. I didn't know you were sick! Sure glad you are feeling better. That was a great win. :)

  7. So very glad that you are better...and can now enjoy the holidays.

    Love the fabric you won....
    I think I am going to start counting the swaps you join...just for amusement...or would I be able to keep up?

  8. How gorgeous are you, Jane? I have been so out of Blogland, I didn't know you haven't been well - love and best wishes to you! Looking forward so much to another year in Blogland with You!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  9. Really sorry Jane that you have been ill - I knew you were not blogging, but just thought "she's out shopping or working on a project in her sewing room." Glad to hear you are on the mend and getting ready for the holidays. Judy C in NC

  10. Sooo glad that you are feeling better. Now, you have to catch up on all of that lost time.

  11. Glad you're feeling better! The batik fabric looks great. How do you keep up with all those swaps? But they definitely sound like fun!

  12. I'm so happy to read you are feeling better! Love the batiks and the cute 9-patches! Have fun shopping. ;-)

  13. I'm glad things are better. Don't you want to just roll around in those 9 patches. They are a beautiful sight.

  14. Welcome back Jane! So glad to hear you are back on your feet! Lovely fabric win there, and love your collection of 9 patch blocks. Lurline was a sweetie for being the middle man for you. Have fun shopping and happy birthday to your grown up little girl!


  15. Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear you had been sick. So glad you are on the mend.
    Great win for you and look at all those pretty 9 patch blocks.

  16. Glad to hear that you're feeling better, Jane. Now don't wear yourself out shopping...much!

    Love those 9 patch blocks!

  17. Happy B-day to your daughter.
    So happy you are feeling better. Hope you have a great time ho hoing.

  18. I'm so sorry about the pneumonia, Jane. Glad you are feeling better now.
    A very Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter :)
    Have a wonderful time!!!

  19. poor thing...pneumonia, too? we've been fighting bronchitis and ear infections and sinus's been one heck of a season so far, hasn't it? so glad you're doing better...

    love those 9-patches!

    and good girl on your new's absolutely perfect! ☺

    give little t a christmas smooch for me, okay?????

  20. Your back! glad your much better now.
    Aren't the nine patches great.
    Happy Birthday to you DD..
    Julia ♥

  21. I am so glad you are feeling better and happy birthday to your daughter.
    Yes the nine patches are beautiful and I am glad you played along.

    Have a very merry christmas and looking forward to blogging with you next year


  22. You're welcome! I am glad to hear that you are getting better. The 9 patches look great. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  23. Fun stuff and glad the cooties are gone!

    Love your new header!

  24. So glad you are feeling better! Don't wear yourself out shopping! And Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    Happy Christmas!

    Hugs - Shari


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