Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bears Live

I just have to share this link!  I have been watching these bears all week.  Once you start you just have to check on them.  There was no embedded link so you just have to click the link provided.

This is what the website says..

Katami National Park in Alaska has started streaming videos of brown bears in their natural habitat. The first one’s live at Brooks Falls; so far, we’ve watched brown bears looking for salmon, brown bears catching salmon, and brown bears eating salmon. Adorable. 


I am off to see what they are up to, they seem to be most active in the later evening.  Last night as my husband and I were watching you could see dozen of Salmon jumping up the falls. and after the bears eat the gulls swoop down for the leftovers.


  1. I've just spent the last 2 hours watching the bears and sewing. I have a feeling this will become a habit. Thanks for the link!

  2. How fascinating it is to watch the salmon jumping and the bears! Thank you for the link!

  3. You remind me of when I was watching the eagles!!!!! It is so fun!!

  4. Oh thanks! Love that! I used to watch the eagles in the nest until Mom Eagle brought the babies some kittens to eat. Don't think that will be an issue with the bears! XO

  5. Did it make you eager for a trip to Alaska? The bears are fun to watch...through a camera! ;-)

  6. umm love the bears and love your blog but take a look at the first churn dash block. The top left outer half square triangle is turned wrong. Sorry it jumped put and I said to myself that I would want to know before I put it into a row and then had to do more than a few frog stitches to fix it.
    Donna in Oregon


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