Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Challenge Has Been Made!!

Val's Quilting Studio

A challenge has been made and I plane to take it on full force.

Val's Stitching Studio has announced...

Val comes up with the best ideas!
Save your pennies and loose change for a year, then next year we can all compare are savings and how we plan to spend our pennies!

This is the vintage can I am using, the same one my Dad used to save his coins!

Cone on!!!
Join the fun!


  1. I do that anyways, lol. I save quarters in one place, those are good for vacation toll booths and the change I keep and cash in when the jar gets full.


  2. Jane! You always make my day...your post is so fun! I love your vintage tin and was keeping my fingers crossed you'd join in! Hope your 4th with family was fun!

  3. Good luck with saving a boat load of change. I have no will power for the challenge. If I want it now, I shall have it now.....and later! LoL I love your use of a sentimental tin for coin collecting. Especially an experienced tin!

  4. I do this but its in reverse hahahaah. Put fabric that is to be used for projects, and when I use it I add the price of the fabric to a tin and that way Im using my fabric and saving dollars to spend when ALL is used. Will add I wont be spending my saved coins anytime soon hahahahaha

  5. My Fun Fund is always rolling over. My friend and I did this to save for trips. The first time we put all of our $5 bills in a jar for two years and paid for our entire multi-trip Birthday Celebration. I put funds in the bank then pre-paid my expenses and had plenty of spending money left over. At the resort my friend used the bills to pay for the room! Too funny to watch :-) Happy saving!

  6. Very pretty tin. Good luck on saving lots of change.

  7. Beautiful, I know you can do it with a vintage tin that beautiful.


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