Sunday, June 29, 2014

Farming on the Weekend?

Yep, I was farming this weekend.  I was so busy basting that I did not get to farm for Friday.

Now, before I show you my blocks for this week, I will like to tell you about a giveaway!

I have spoken several times how without the classes, tips and techniques from Karen at Laugh yourself into Stitches, I would never have been able to make these blocks.
Karen is having a huge giveaway!

Not, one, or two or even three, but

SIX months of her Farmer's Wife Revival Class!!!

all details can be found

Wow, that is a great giveaway, head on over!

Now for my blocks.

This one,  yucky, not enough contrast, bummer..

#98 Waterwheel

#75 Rosebud

#85 Square Dance

And my favorite for this week....
#64 Peach and Pleny

Happy Sewing!


  1. I seriously can't pick a favorite Jane! As I kept reading your post each block became my favorite!!! I can't wait to see your quilt when these all come together!

  2. Your blocks look great Jane!!! thank you so much for the 'shout out' in your post. Love the polka the them all!!

  3. Farmerette Jane! Yes, when you start out, you must work the weekends. Those dang city farmers anyway! I'm lovin' the Peach and Pleny and the Rosebud too. Dots rule this week! You may not love all your blocks, but they will all blend beautifully in the end.

  4. You just reminded me I need to get back to mine!
    I love all those dots too.

  5. Beautiful! I have 30 blocks done! Think I'll have all 111 done by September?!! LOL

  6. Super cute, Jane! Love your choice of colors and adorable prints!

  7. That's the type of farming I could like!!!

  8. You are going to have an amazing harvest!


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