Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Farming with the Magic 8

It has been awhile since I worked on my Farmer's Wife Blocks so I decided to make Friday my Farming Day!

I have skipped the blocks that contain a lot of half square triangles for no other reason than fear!
But it is time take on the challenge!
I have a wonderful helper!

Karen for "Laugh Yourself Into Stitches"  has an amazing tutorial on HST's.
She  calls it the Magic 8.

Her tutorial can be found

Here is a sneak peek from her site. (pictures courtesy of Karen)

Start  here

get these!

She also has a sizing chart for us!

Thanks Karen!

So I met the challenge in only the way I could.
Not perfect, but I like it!
All thanks to the Magic 8.

A few more I finished....

And I do not know why but this is one of my favorites.

I have a total of 37 blocks done!


Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get to do something you love.  


  1. And the more of those pesky HSTs you tackle the less the fear will be! Mother's Dream is my favourite too! We are having a long weekend here so there is definitely sewing times to be had!

  2. And I love HSTs - they open another whole venue of blocks for you now.

  3. My favorite is the Broken Dishes block. You chose perfect fabrics for the name of the block. They're all great. You have chosen great fabrics for this whole quilt undertaking. It's going to look so happy and amazing. So many of these quilts I've seen look so dark and dreary.

  4. I have gotten to where I love half square triangles....and your blocks look soooo good.

  5. Well you can check that fear off your these are a d o r a b l e!!! Did ya hear me...a d o r a b l e! :)

  6. Hey Jane...i just published a 'printable' version of my blog post! You'll find it here...and it's FREE!!

  7. Oh man! I LOVE these! If I had that fabric, that is exactly what I would use! I LOVE them!!! WTG! XO

  8. I am so going to try that technique next time!!

  9. Well done, they're very pretty. I'm off to have a look at the tutorial now.

  10. Your blocks are fantastic and I love that you work with gingham, stripes and polka dots and can cut and sew them straight. Wow ... Judy C in NC

  11. Congrats on conquering your fear of Hst's , your blocks are wonderful !

  12. neat technique. thanks for sharing.
    lovely blocks.

  13. Can't get enough of your sweetest Farming blocks! So many triangles and some of them look small to handle, thank you for sharing this clever trick :)


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