Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paper Piecing

I love to paper piece.  Love to see those points and the seams match.  But even though I know how, tips are always welcome!  When I received an email from craftsy today saying that the queen of Paper Piecing, Carol Doak, had a class, I jumped on it!

What I did not know was that it was on sale!!  This is the first on-line class I have ever taken and I am looking forward to some helpful tips.
You might want to take a peek and join me!


  1. I bought the class too recently when it was on sale.
    It's very good, I think you'll enjoy it.

  2. I have a few classes I have brought but not done yet :( But....heck whats another one to the list ;)

  3. I took a class from her years ago (at PSQG). She's great and FUN! I have several books, Jane, so we're all set for the summer! I like that she tell you how big to cut the square or rectangle BEFORE you piece! No wasted fabric! Have fun!

  4. This is one thing I haven't tried yet. Will be watching your progress.

  5. I took her class two different times when she was a guest speaker at the guild. She's right-on and funny too. Looking forward to see what you make.

  6. Carol is such a sweetie. I was in a guild with her from 1998-2000. Very fun gal!


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