Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I am Pretty Excited About This One! I forgot to add the picture of the finished project!

I have to admit, I am very excited about this project!
I have been making red, white and blue hexies for about a year.
I have plans to make a quilt with the hexies.
I wanted to try something a little smaller first.
So I took a handful of my hexie flowers and stitched them together.  So far so good.
I pulled out the mylar hexies as I went along stitching.
I laid it flat and ironed it smooth.
So far so good.


I remembered I have no idea how to applique!
How am I going to attach the hexies to the fabric.

I took a piece of Kona white
added three layers of batting
another layer of Kona white
and pinned the whole kit and caboodle together.
This way the stitches will be on the back!

I decided to hand stitch around each hexie and also outline the whole piece.  I wanted the hexies to pop so that is why I used three layers of thin batting.

Let the stitching begin!

Now I could embroider and my stitches would be in the inside of my project.

What project, you may say?

Why a large pillow!
This baby is 20 X 20 inches!

I also was lucky and had the perfect backing.

Once again I used my favorite pillow tutorial. 

 I still have a ton of flowers left for a quilt!

BUT NO.....

I am making more hexies with my beloved Katie Jump Rope Scraps for a pillow to match Katie!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh, Janie! That red white and blue hexie pillow looks fabulously fabulous! Your quilting stitching is the icing on the hexie pillow cake!

    I have a few blogfriends making tons of hexies. I've got you all in the running for the ever impressive title of Hexie Queen. Now go get your hexie on! LOL

  2. The red stitching around your hexies looks fabulous! I have some hexies on the go too! Now I want to put white ones around them all! They really do pop! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Fancy forgetting to show the finished item!
    It's lovely, I agree that the red stitching looks very effective.
    I love the Katie Jump Rope quilt too, it's a great photo of it.

  4. That is the cutest pillow. I love how you put it all together.

  5. Hi Jane! What a cute hexie arrangement! Pat Sloan appliqués in a similar manor. She does not go through the batting, but through only one layer of fabric. She uses a running stitch close to the edge for her appliqué! Now you know how for next time!

  6. Brilliant idea and so beautiful with your hand stitches. It really makes the Hexies pop and show off their cuteness.
    Happy stitching for the Katie Jump Rope pillow. It is going to be another beauty.

  7. Wonderful! Love the red stitches. Oooo you still have Katie Jump Rope fabric? That is such a great collection.

  8. Your stitches turned out beautifully on the hexie's. Nice job Jane!

  9. Beautiful pillow Jane. And one to match your Katie quilt will be awesome!

  10. Love the red stitching you did! What a great pillow!

  11. I too love the stitches...I've never done that on my hexi's but am inspired to do so now. I sometimes miss my hexi's but have enjoyed working with wool this year...buttttt maybe I'll make a grandma's flower on our road trip this weekend for the fun of it! SMILES!! (Love that it's 4thofJuly!!!)

  12. Oh, your pillow is awesome. Great way to finish it too.

  13. Lovely pillow! Loving all those hexies, good luck with the next one.

  14. WOW, how clever and creative you are Jane!!

    Cuteness for sure!!

  15. Wow...looks fabulous....love them!!

  16. Very bold! I like your red stitching accents!

  17. Love your Americana Hexis. Funny thing, I bought Americana fabric years ago for a Hexi but ended up doing something else with it.


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