Friday, February 14, 2014


When my girls were little my Mother-in-Law would send them a Valentine Crad with a little cash tucked inside. Mind you we lived close but she enjoyed sending cards. My girls loved receiving those cards.
I was going through some drawers last week and found this...

It was a small box that I had saved. It had been my MIL's.
Look what was inside!

Her cards!  I just did not have the heart to part with them. She was such a kind lady.

Take a peek at these...

Remember Dennis the Menace!

Now on to some quilting news.  I finished my pink, grey and lime top.  It is now in the 
WIP pile and may be moved to the UFO pile!

I am working on, hexies, college quilt, coral quilt, and Farmer's Wife Blocks.
I love to have several WIP projects going!

Enjoy your weekend and do something you love.   


  1. Oh, those vintage cards! They are SO precious! You MUST NOT get rid of them (sorry for shouting!) And possibly even worth a pretty penny!

  2. I have some of my cards from when I was young as well as some from my kids - they are special.

  3. What great cards and special memories.

  4. The cards just made me smile :) and I will follow your advice and do something I love :)

  5. Your precious vintage cards are adorable! I can imagine the smiles it brought to your little girls! Your pink, grey, lime quilt top turned out fabulous! Have a lovely valentine's day and a great weekend!

  6. Heading for a quilt show in Lakeland today! It's put on by the guild there - I've never been - but I'm sure it will be great! ANY quilt show is better than NO quilt show! Happy Valentine Day!!

  7. I think a sweet box of cards is worth having and revisiting every now and then. I have a box filled with postcards my grandmother received. They're amazing. Enjoy your day. I think your green/pink/grey quilt is a happy one for sure.

  8. Those cards were always so cute. I loved getting and giving them.

  9. Love the vintage cards. Brings back memories of my grade school Valentine's Day class party. Such fun. Your pink/grey/green quilt looks great.

  10. Happy Valentine's Day! I would have kept all those cards too. Your top is pretty.

  11. You found a treasure! Those vintage valentines are so sweet. Happy Weekend!


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