Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I've Been Farming!

These past few days I made several more Farmer's Wife Blocks.
They are so much fun and addicting!
I cannot wait until March for the next pattern.
It is never too late to join.
Just click the button on my side-bar.
And now, a parade

#1 Attic Windows

#12 Broken Sugar Bowl

#16 Calico Puzzle

#20 Churn Dash

#21 Contrary Wife

#41 Friendship Star

#54 Kitchen Woodbox

#55 Linoleum 

#68 Postage Stamp

#80 Single Wedding Star

I made a little collage of the finished blocks. It is nice way to view the blocks. It gives me an idea of what colors are lacking.
Crazy for me to say but I think I need more pink!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wonderful blocks!!! Keep on a farming!!

  2. Very nice, I think you need more blue...

  3. These blocks are just so precious with your fabric choices!

  4. Looking good - I like the collage for a way to track color. Yes, some pink and blues.

  5. fun, the center fabrics are so cute.

  6. You're so funny...not enough pink... They look pretty nicely balanced to me and they all look great! Love the title of this post too. :-)

  7. Gorgeous Jane! Your fabric choices are perfect!

  8. Wow, you've been busy. I'd say you do have enough pink, the balance if colours looks just right to me. X

  9. Gee whiz you have been sewing up a storm :) They all look' great, really like yellow and green combo :)

  10. The farmer takes the wife, the farmer takes the wife, hi ho the derry-o

    Super sweet and the little babushka in the churn dash is my favorite.

  11. I really like the colors and fabrics that you are using and it will be fun to see this all come together.

  12. I love it! Love how you have fussy cut the centers! I'm hooked and I haven't even bought the book!

  13. Look at your crop!!! So sweet Jane...glad you are enjoying modern farming techniques!! :) ~k

  14. SOOOOOO Cute! And I love your "fussy cutting"!!!

  15. Your blocks are looking great! Very bright and cheerful.

  16. Wonderful blocks! One can never have too much pink, and I say add lots more, lol.

  17. They are a delight to watch! Adorable fussy cuts and eye candy colors!

  18. They look like a lot of fun to make and plan. I like the palette you are using!


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