Monday, January 27, 2014

I Missed the Boat!

I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short! Some time ago there was a farmers wife sampler quilt along.  At the time it was going on I was not sure of my skills with such a small block.  But after making Lori's  (Bee in a Bonnet) quilty barn quilt I gained some confidence.  Now, I only made 9 barns and I think this has 111 blocks, so, not sure how many I will be able to create.

Last week my book arrived. The Farmers Wife Sampler  I bought it on Amazon.  As soon as it arrived I started to search the web for tips. 

Lo and behold I came across this....
Karen from "laugh yourself into stitches" had a pattern on Craftsy.
The revival of the farmers wife quilt! 

 How lucky was I to have found this wonderful pattern and help.
She also has a flickr group which I was quick to join.
If you, like me, have not had a chance or if you, like me, want to start this amazing project please check out her pattern, tips and advice.

I so hope there are still some of you out there who would like to join.  I love working with others, I need all the advice and tips I can get!!

Have I ever shown you my makeshift block board? I took a piece of cardboard and some duck tape ( come on, you have to love duck tape) ;
on one side i have sandpaper to hold my blocks down while a draw diagonal lines for HST's.

(I never said it was pretty)!

  The other side has flannel where I lay out my blocks for piecing.

I use this little baby all the time!

I am working on three projects at once!!

#1. Maggie's College Quilt. Which I can only work on while she is gone as she does not want to see it!
#2. I am making progress on my pink, grey and lime squares.
#3.  Now, The Farmers Wife Quilt.
This one I am also piecing by hand. Those little pieces can get sucked into my machine forever to be in limbo!

Yep,  Another two days off from school due to our temperatures.
So, today, we played the game of Life and baked M & M cookies!
I love that Maggie will still play a board game with her old Ma'

The Farmer's Wife Fabrics
My focal color will be red.
I will be using end of bolt pieces from my Flower Sugar Fabrics.
I have also ordered a few more floral's which I hope will soon arrive.

A project where I can use my hoarded saved Kerchief Girls.
Oh, how I love this fabric and wish I had bolts of it!!

I hope to make at least two blocks a week.

Come join the fun!

Happy Sewing, 


  1. sounds like you are having way to much fun.

  2. OMG! I did a Farmer's BOM and I was terrible! I actually got known in the group as the one who would skip the block that had over so many triangles!!! (I humored everyone) I finally took those that I did get done and sewed them into a baby blanket....check it out on my Quilts Made page for a good laugh!! With all that said, I sooooooo admire the expertise of those of you that conquer this blocks!!!!!! SMiles: :)

  3. Gosh, I have made so many of the blocks - then passed them on. Should really make them for myself. Look forward to your progress.

  4. I joined last night and so excited to start...after I finish a Christmas quilt.

  5. Enjoy the Farmer's Wife journey! I made one (I called it "Sunnybrook Farm") a few years ago with mainly Denyse Schmidt fabrics, although I only made some of the blocks! You'll love it I'm sure! I look forward to seeing your version

  6. Oh, big undertaking the Farmer's Wife! I love that quilt but am not brave enough to take it on. I'm fairly certain it would never get finished. You've got three great projects going. It will be fun to watch your progress!

  7. I borrowed the book a while ago from the library and loved reading the letters that accompanied the blocks.
    I'm afraid I won't be making one but look forward to seeing your progress.

  8. Oh those Kerchief Girls...sigh, Ive also got some tucked away for something special. I loved reading the book but really struggled with the patterns on the cd, Might check this out, see if my enthusiasm is rekindled :)

  9. I know my limits so wont try the Farmers Wife but so admire those of you that do!
    Ive come late to piecing and loving EPP and scarppy piecing at the moment but I can lust after your achievements at least and of others who excell at what they tackle : )
    Love the board lol lets face it, less money spent on one of those means more fabric in the hand, right? Right!

  10. I was never very interested in the Farmer's Wife quilts until I saw one done up in only reds and whites. Gorgeous! The only way I would make one is to hand piece it. Like you, too many little pieces that I know would get sucked down into my machine into no man's land.

    Your little boards look like they have been very well loved. I don't use these type of boards (yet) but if I were to start hand piecing I'm sure I would find them very helpful. I love these boards:

  11. This past weekend I took a Bonnie Hunter retreat to make her Smith Mountain Morning quilt. Talk about tiny pieces. Each block has 28 pieces in it and mine is completely red and green scrappy from fabrics left to me by a quilter. Don't like HST? Get yourself an Easy Angle Ruler and quickly get it! You will be amazed at how easy HST are when using this ruler. The companion ruler also cuts triangles and it is so easy. There are you tube tutorials out there on these but start with easy angle. The Easy Angle cuts the pieces with a blunt end that easily goes through the machine. And if you start with a leader piece of fabric, you can alleviate the sucking as well. Hope this helps!

  12. P.S. Lori Holt has a tutorial on her website on how to make a mini design board.

  13. I am intrigued to try the farmer's wife, ut haven't bought the book yet - though it IS on my Amazon wish list, lol! Can you tell me, can it be made with a fat quarter bundle?

  14. This is great Jane!! I'm so excited to see your blocks come at a time! It's going to be FUN!!

  15. I adore the Farmer's Wife, and keep looking at it wondering if I can get it done. Are you taking the class?

  16. That is adorable fabric. You've just been waiting for the right project!


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