Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Well, all the wrapping paper is picked up, the ornaments and lights have been taken off the tree. The needles are now in the vacuum cleaner. The village is taken down, boxed and put away for next year.
All the Christmas cookies have been eaten. And the Christmas quilts put away safely until next year.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and that everyone brought in the new year with love and joy.
My wish for you for 2014 is to look around and see what you have and what you love and to savor and enjoy every minute. 

Not much sewing got done over the past few weeks. I did however get a chance to finish my December blocks for the friendship swap.
I just love how all of these are going to look together.

January colors are:
2 blocks
Dark Green 

2 blocks

Huge winter storm here so we are just staying put, a good day for sewing!

Happy New Year


  1. These blue and yellow blocks look lovely! I always find these colors to feel calm and cozy. Happy New Year Jane!

  2. Have a cosy sewing day and a great 2014! Loving your friendship blocks! And my thread arrived today! Thanks Jane. X

  3. Stay in, stay warm. Sounds like a hand work and hot chocolate sort of day. :) LOVE those blocks :)

  4. I hope 2014 is a very kind year to you!
    Snow?! How exciting ;-) !

  5. Thank you for the sweet New Year wishes, Jane! Wish you a 2014 full of happiness and creativity! Lovely mix of prints in your blue and yellow blocks.

  6. Really like those blocks! Cute!


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