Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rocking Around the Clock!

I have missed everyone, sure am glad to be back!

No I do not mind telling you my age, I was born in 1955. So too little for the poodle skirts but old enough to remember a few things from the late 50's.  I used to love to go to diners where every table had their own jukebox!  Do you remember those!  I would make my poor family sit and wait until our song was played!  Oh such fun memories.

This one plays the radio and cassette tapes.

It also lights up!

I had some of
Barbara's Diner (Elizabeth's Studio) in my stash that I had been saving. But, not any more!  
I fussy cut some darling pictures, grabbed some Riley Blake gingham, and went to work.

I choose a pretty Kona blue for the back. Did a simple crosshatch quilting and she was ready to go!
A cute retro table-runner.

When I was a little girl our kitchen floor was made of big tiles, black and yellow!

My Mom tried all sort of colors for that kitchen.

She settled on aqua.

After we moved from that house my Mother never had anything aqua again!
Funny, I love aqua!

Now I may have shown you this before but when my in-laws moved out of the home they had lived in for 55+ years I just had to have the kitchen table. Not only is it retro but it is original piece from the 50's.  My FIL made a secret drawer underneath where he kept some valuables, just in case they were robbed!
I love this table.

I bet it looked like this when my husband was little.

This is how it looks now! A perfect place for us to play games and visit. It is being loved and cared for in our game room.

Happy sewing!


  1. Nice post Jane. I remember those little jukeboxes. Every diner had them. I am glad you are fortunate to have your in-laws table.

  2. You brought back some good old memories. That table is quite the find. I love pieces that have lived in my or my husband's family. They are so loved that I just have to keep them.

  3. ( and I were born in the same year....) I remember many of the same things!

  4. what a fun post. love the history behind the table and chairs.

  5. '55 was a great was the year my hubby was born.

  6. Fun work! My Grandparents built a house in the 50's and I adored their black and white 4" tiled tub/walls and the large floor tiles. My Grandma would have scoffed if she saw it so popular again....she love aqua and red with her black!

  7. Very cool table runner Jane and I love the vintage dining table. What a smart idea putting a secret drawer under the top.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your retro table runner! I just bought a table and chairs set almost identical to yours at a garage sale for $40 for my daughter's apartment. Yours is in much better condition though.


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