Friday, September 13, 2013

I Just Took a Little!

I could not help it! I just took a little piece of each fabric from the Flower Sugar Line. It is so pretty, I could not help myself! But no worries I ordered more so there would be plenty for all!
I saw this on Pinterest and just fell in love with this pillow.  

I thought it would look beautiful in Flower Sugar, so I got busy.

I worked on them while I sat by the lake last week.

This is all I allowed myself to make, otherwise I would have used more of the fabrics I am saving for you!

Now for a layout?

The traditional...


I decided on scattered but in rows!

Even scraps for a string block!

I hope to show you my pillow if the next few weeks.
In the meantime have a wonderful weekend and do something you love.

PS  All my Presencia thread is on sale in my eBay store.


  1. you picked a great layout and beautiful fabrics, look forward to seeing your pillow :)

  2. I love the dotty piping and just the name Flower Sugar oozes sweetness. :o) Love your pillow.

  3. the pillow is so sweet. I love the edging too.

  4. A perfect combination...fabrics, dots and the hexagons!

  5. Those fabrics and that adorable pillow remind me of my grandma's spare bedroom. She had a handmade quilt with hexies in very similar fabrics and white. Can't wait to see your finished pillow and the string block!

  6. Very cute pillow, Jane. I can see why you would want to make one very much like it.

  7. Oh Jane. It is beautiful. So beautiful.

  8. What an awesome pillow...that fabric is the cats meow!!

  9. I have some of your plastic template hexies and have read your tut awhile back for how you make yours. I want to begin working on some and want to know if you leave the template inside the hexie. If you need lots of hexies, it seems almost monumental to have enough templates for all the hexies. If you take them out, what do you do to help them keep their shape?


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