Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homecoming 2012

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Maggie's Homecoming 2012

Last Saturday was Homecoming for Maggie. She was so lucky the weather was beautiful. She was also lucky as both sisters arrived to help her, with her hair and make-up!


Now Maggie is not really that tall, her wonderful, fun loving, charming (you get the picture) Mom allowed her to get these super fun shoes!  She practiced all week walking! LOL!!   They happen to be one of her school colors.

Here she is...

When did I say she could grow up!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. Girls YOU all look lovely..but Maggie...can we talk..YOU are breathtaking and those shoes..they suit you to a T...( totally awed)

  2. Your girls are all beautiful & those are definitely great party shoes! Hope Maggie had a wonderful time.

  3. If those shoes were red, she'd feel like clicking those heels! ok, they are really bright and happy!
    thanks for favs, I'm off to see what you like.

  4. your daughters all lovely.
    love those blue shoes.

  5. Your daughters are all beautiful! I dont know about the growing up, I tried to tell me kids to stop but they just kept going!! Wait for grandkids and you get to do it again in a more relaxed way :)

  6. Your daughters are very sweet! Those blue shoes are very cute and fun! Glad she had a perfect day!

  7. They all look wonderful--must have had good genes!!

    I hope Maggie had an evening that matched how amazing she looked!

  8. What a bevy of beauties you have raised!

  9. Oh my Jane...so beautiful! I bet she had so much fun with those wonderful shoes. :) blessings, marlene

  10. Maggie is just gorgeous! All your girls are real beauties. Hope she had a lovely time.

  11. Your girls are beautiful-you must be so proud!
    I totally luv Maggie's blue sparkly shoes!


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