Thursday, August 23, 2012

This is it, NO more waiting!

I think many of us go through this process.
We love a fabric.
We buy a ton of the fabric.
We try to buy the whole line.
We pet the fabric.
We fold and refold the fabric.
We put it in color groups.
We them put it into groups according to the prints.
We stash it...
We save it...
We hoard it...

Just waiting for the right project, the right quilt, the right pattern.

Time ticks by and we have now had the fabric for years and it just sits and stares at us.


I am going to start to use that fabric!
I know I will fall in love with something else.


yes, I am going to




my beloved

Hold your breath, here it comes!

My Katie Jump Rope!!

I have spent years waiting for the right pattern when it was here all the time!

5 inch squares!!

Large enough to enjoy the print. Scrappy, fun and yes, easy.

This is going to be king size and hand quilted so easy was the way to go!

So for now here are my treasured fabrics!

Brown is my least fabric color, but not in Katie!

I have a lot of blue!


Onr of my new favorite colors.


I could use some green!


Oh, how I wish I had more yellow.
This is all I have, insert sad face here. )0:

Why do I always fall in love with a fabric when it is out of print?  Why, Oh, Why?!

By next week I hope to show you what I have cut. (helppppp)

I think I can, I think I can.

Oh Jane, just do it!

This however, this will not be cut!! It will be with me for a long, long, time!!
Kei Kerchief Girls
(again missed the boat when this first came out)

P.S.  If anyone knows where I can get more yellow Katie,would you please let me know?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh Jane! I can hear the crying from here ... and that's just from the rotary cutter and fabric!! lol Beautiful fabric that will make an even more beautiful quilt :)

  2. Your Katie quilt will be wonderful! I am with you on the saving for the right project, but often by the time I find the perfect one, the fabric no longer is appealing to me! I am going to jump on your bandwagon, and cut and use my Kaffe Fassett...

  3. But you can still pet and fold that fabric when it is in a quilt - and it will feel all that more wornderful. Fabric was made to be used, not collect dust.

  4. Good for you for using your favorite fabrics! I love a good 5'' square quilt. There is something so wonderful about them. The KJR would look wonderful with some co-ordinating solids mixed it. it's going to be beautiful!

  5. The more my priorities change and the older I get the more sense this makes. I am ready to get those collections on the cutting table - with recently packing sewing room I have enough kits and fabric in bag projects looking for a pattern to last me a lifetime. Oh Me - no more buying! Well, we will see. Love your idea. Judy C

  6. I've got lots of that no-cutting-til-there's-a-perfect-pattern fabric. Guess I should drag it out. PS. Google searched for your fabric and found this place had some Katie:

  7. It is pretty fabric and I can't wait to see what pattern you use. Have fun.

  8. I know that feeling I had fabric in my stash that I brought 2 years ago and I just can't bare to cut into it.

  9. Oh my your few days were not...I see what you are up to..have you decided what pattern? Oh my I see a very colorful quilt coming soon...great colors..

  10. I use to buy lots of fabric and save it for just the right thing.... Unfortunately hard finacial times hit and now I am glad I bought the fabric... so I cut, cut, cut! Be brave....

  11. Can't decide if I think you're courageous or crazy!
    Go Jane Go!!!!!

  12. I did the same thing, and I'm sooo pleased with using up all the gorgeous fabric I've been hiding in bins. And it feels soooo good! A lot less guilty feelings too ;o)
    Have a great day,

  13. You are so brave! In the meantime I'll still be petting, folding, caressing my special stack...I'm too chicken to cut it!

  14. Hi!!! I agree all those colors would make a wondeful scrappy quilt!!!! Oh!!! The kerchief girls are adorable!!! Thanks

  15. Ouch!!!! I can't wait to see what you create with it.

  16. What beautiful fabrics, it is so hard to cut into them but oh.......what beautiful things you can make!

  17. Cheering you on, Jane! Oh, gorgeous fabrics... I know how hard it is to cut into such treasures.
    PS. I missed the boat on these beauties, so is it okay if I quilt vicariously through you? lol

  18. You'll find more Katie Jump Rope fabric on Etsy, including yellows!


  19. Haha! Hope the quilt works out well. I have been saving some Echo prints I still need to find the last 4 prints! =D

  20. Oh we all do that, don't we - I think 5 inch squares will be fabulous for this fabric! I can't wait to see it!

  21. For a second I thought you are going to announce ... "Summer Auction" : ) I am so disappointed but your fabrics sure real fabulous and beautiful ... one day I will be a fabric hoarder too : ) Sisca

  22. Rosemary B here:
    Oh but then this means you finally found the perfect creation that deserves the cuttage this adorable fabric.
    Oh my goodness, I know your suffering.
    I honestly cannot think of any other part of my life where I have such hesitation as with "destroying" the beautiful yardage of exquisite fine quality fabric.
    Dive in, cut cut cut with abandon

  23. Rosemary B here: ps: I love the above Anonymous's comment too.
    *bites lip* yeah, I have to admit I did think perhaps you were thinking of downsizing haha


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