Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sewing for me!

Yes, I have been sewing for me!
I have made progress on my Sparkle Party Quilt!
I love this so much!

I have been working on Wonky Houses!  I love house quilts of any kind. But Wonky allows you so much freedom.
Colors should not match (really)
Pieces should no be symmetrical (really)
and they do not have to have matching seams!!
A quilters dream!

I drew  patterns...
Tried so hard to make it into a paper piecing pattern
Nope could not do that at all!!
I wish there was a program where you could scan a pattern and they would number it for you!!
How sweet would that be?!

So I did some free piecing.

I have been trying my hand at raw edge applique.
I have never appliqued before but I like the freedom of putting pieces where and how I want.

I adore paper piecing and someday I will figure out how to turn my drawings into a pattern. 
Well it is back to school tomorrow for everyone, I love having everyone home, so it will be back to reality! But the good news is I will get to have my grandbabies for a few hours in the weeks ahead.

Happy sewing and have a wonderful week.


  1. Jane, your quilts are really great. I just love the little bus in the one house block!

  2. wow, jane, you're really rockin' out those wonky houses! the 'fun bus' is a hoot♥

  3. Wow,fun sparkle party quilt you are working on! Your houses are so fun! I'm anxious to see some of these house quilts all put together!

  4. Jane, the Sparkle Party rocks! Is that a cat house I see? Love these blocks!

  5. I love your wonky houses...and I will have to visit your sales tomorrow...

  6. Love the star quilt you are putting together with the reds and pretty. And I love your houses, so much fun!

  7. I will salute to the queen of wonky,,,,your houses are just that. Your new sparkle quilt sparkles. Is this for Christmas that just passed ? Are you preparing for next year? that is planning. ...wonky style

  8. You are just excellent at embracing wonky houses! Love all your creative. And your Christmas project is just beautiful...good for you to get ready for next year. Love your signature!

  9. Those wonky houses are so cute and your Sparkle Party is wonderful.

  10. Love your Sparkle Plenty quilt.
    And look at your fun house blocks. so cute!

  11. There is a free program called quilt assistant that will number your pieces for paper piecing. The link is:
    It's a little involved but if I can do it anyone can. Hope it works for you. (If I sent this to you 3 times sorry--I had some trouble)

  12. Your sparkle party quilt and your wonky houses look amazing! I tried to make paper pieced houses but couldn't figure out the pattern either.


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