Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flimsy Done!

Now that my Wonky Houses are done I was able to move on to another project. I finished my flimsy of Sparkle Plenty. May I tell you Stephanie's pattern is wonderful. She makes it so easy not to make a mistake. I need to trim the sides then decide how I want to quilt it.

So, after a nice cup of hot cocoa in a beautiful pink china mug I looked at my patterns to decide what to start next.

Here it is.....

This is from Red Pepper Quilts and the pattern is
A Quilters Palette Quilt and I purchased it here

Tonight is...
Daddy/Daughter Date Night!!

So, while they are out, I will be pulling scraps from my stash and getting ready to start this quilt.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. Had trouble commneting, but here at last.
    Love the houses, love your Sparkle Plenty, and love your new pfoject...that is going to be a gorgeous quilt.
    Julia ♥

  2. Sparkle Plenty makes me smile. Thank you for the kind words. :o) Quilter's Palette will be a fun quilt!!!

  3. Jane, I love your sparkle flimsy and I can't wait to see your new palette quilt come together! Also love your new signature! So sweet with the spools of thread intertwined. Enjoy starting your new project!

  4. It really does sparkle! I love the way it turned out...and I really like this new pattern you're starting too. The bright colors are sure growing on me. :) blessings, marlene

  5. LOve your quilt!!! Enjoy your sew time!

  6. LOVE the Sparkle quilt, just curious though if you'd noticed the corner blocks are all a little different? And that Quilter's Palette quilt is one my favourite patterns ~ have fun!!

  7. Love the red/green/white top! GREAT job! Also love the next project! Wow - not having the shop is really giving you time to piece, piece, piece! Great photos of M!!

    About 80 today - not a cloud! I can take it!!

  8. beautiful quilt! love the colours

  9. Yeah!!! that seemed to take care of the problem. Quilters can always figure it out for sure ... your Sparkle is wonderful and will follow your progress on the next one, which looks ambitious. Judy C

  10. "Sparkle" is so pretty!!! And oh what fun your scrap blocks are going to be! (Blogger finally let me in here)

  11. Cute sparkle block! That palette quilt is going to be so fun too :-) Thanks for sharing.


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