Saturday, December 10, 2011

What I am working on....

I am very lucky; all my Christmas Projects are finished!!


What did I do?

I started a new one!

But, this one will be for next year.
Even though you could easily finish it this year, I am in no hurry.

It is the new pattern
Sparkle Party by Stephanie from Loft Creations.

I love the black and bright version, but I am stealimg, coping, using, making mine in the Christmas Colors she has posted on her blog.

I love polka dots and this just makes me so happy!!

You can read all about her pattern HERE and purchase it HERE.

Here is what I have accomplished...
Break time!!
Now for some fresh shortbread cookies and a cup of joe'


  1. Wow... wish I could say all my projects were done. I'm not far off but still have a few days of work in front of me. The Sparkle Plenty is one one them . Wonderful, wonderful pattern :)

  2. Well done on finishing all your projects! And love the polka dots!!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas! Only two weeks to go...

  3. those polka dots....

    Your Hawaiian music makes me homesick.

  4. You will just love this quilt! It is fun!

  5. Oh Jane...can't wait to see it progress...what a gorgeous pattern. Of course, I can wait for you to have your cookies.

  6. Finished!? Rrrr. I am burning the midnight oil hoping to get it all done. I love the polka dots and bright colours. Waiting for show and tell :)

  7. My gift list projects are finished also, so now it's just fun Christmas sewing. This looks like you are going to have a very fun time!

  8. OK, you know I am intrigued when it comes to anything dots... say what are you up to ? lol
    ohhh coffee and some shortbread is what I am having toooo in my nice pink china mug...ahhhhh now we are talking

  9. I'm jealous, Jane! I'm still working on projects but then what else is new? I'm always a "day late and dollar short". I;m loving your polka've got me curious. As for shortbread...I had some for breakfast, not exactly nutritious or the best option for a diabetic but quite tasty nonetheless.
    Gmama jane

  10. Wow, you are prepared! I love everything Stephanie designs.


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