Sunday, December 4, 2011

There must be a trick!

There must be a trick to taking a picture of your lighted Christmas Tree!!!
This is what I took!!

Are you kidding!!
Anyone have any hints for me?


  1. Really slow shutter and a tripod, lol.
    My sony has night vision, so I can set it to that and it takes nice color photos. Now if I had any trees with lights.


  2. Yeah, longer exposure time....

  3. ..... & it looks marvelous!
    Have a lovely week ~
    TTFN ~

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  4. Try putting a spotlight on the tree. It helps pick up the ornaments and balances out the lights. I bought 2 small LED spotlights on eBay last year. They weren't very expensive.

  5. I can't even get the real colors of my quilts to show up, so good luck!

  6. Wish I could help you but that's a challenge for me as well. I also have an all black cat and she ends up looking like a blob in every picture. I guess lit trees and black cats are things that don't photograph well.

    Just disovered your beautiful blog!

  7. I have the same problem but hubby with his more sophisticated camera AND a tripod can manage very nicely. I can still tell your tree is beautiful and I like your quilt on the wall, too!

  8. Invite Madame Samm over for a cup of coffee and while she's there..... :) blessings, marlene

  9. Here are some pins on pinterest taht may have some tips:

  10. Wish I could help - if it's not food or a quilt... I don't speak camera!!

  11. this article should help:

  12. If you can set manually try 400 shutter speed and F4 or F5.6. If camera completely automatic point the camera lens to the floor (or other spot darker than where the tree is) and depress the shutter button part way to 'focus' then point it at the tree with button still partly depressed. By looking at your view screen you will have an idea of what the final photo will be re brightness/contrast/colour before you depress the button the rest of the way to take the photo. I 'trick' my auto setting quite a lot this way. Experiment with distance/focus and take lots of photos but *do not* delete any until you have them on your computer screen as they look much lighter/brighter there than on a tiny camera screen and you may delete your best shot!
    Have fun and I hope you can understand the way I've written this.

  13. It is really tricky to take pictures of Christmas trees. Your tree looks gorgeous and I recognize the Christmas cottage quilt. Beautiful setting :-)


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